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In today’s competitive landscape, intellectual property intelligence is critical for transaction strategies and valuation. Emerging and intersecting technology landscapes are becoming increasingly complex. That’s why our team of IP data experts are dedicated to sharing insights. From patent court case to technology trends, visit the ktMINE IP Strategy & Valuation blog for education and news.

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USA Today Got It Wrong

When it comes to reporting on innovation, USA Today Got It Wrong.  In their piece, the most innovative companies are measured by counting total patents filed in a given year. Innovation is more than simply filing patents. Anyone with financial means can file for a patent.  Simply filing doesn’t equal something innovative or even something

Track Government Sponsored R&D

Governments often sponsor research and development projects because technology innovation fuels economic growth and job creation. When Governments invest in these projects, the hope is that these R&D projects will have beneficial effects on their country’s economy and resources. These projects often create extremely valuable developments in life sciences, defense, energy, and many other industries.