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In the coming weeks, we will officially launch the ktMINE Benchmark App. This product has been a labor of love for the team overseeing its development. Unlike some product launches, this is not a retooling or cosmetic update, but a reimagining of how transaction benchmarking should be researched.

We started by revisiting user feedback, performing our own transaction research, and talking with our trusted customers to not only understand where the gaps in the market were but also find ways to go beyond current expectations. Our IP data is used in a myriad of ways – from commercializing technologies to benchmarking intercompany transactions. Our vision for the Benchmark App and its users was simple – to make this type of research faster and easier. All while allowing our users to make better benchmark analyses.

The ktMINE Benchmark App will help users navigate and create more accurate analyses for their research projects. In order to enhance benchmark analyses, we focused on the product’s data analysis capabilities to add more specificity while searching with a focus on entity and payment information. Enabling users to intuitively search and identify IP, services, and specific transactions. From there, we created ways to work within the project versus relying on extracting data.

Today, I wanted to highlight our new Entity Filter. During calls with customers over the years, we have been asked for very specific capabilities, and often it began with a specific entity. But when we examined the need, it was always much deeper. It required specific details such as the location of the entity, the role of the entity in that transaction, or the type of entity involved in the transaction. For example, the new filter allows you to uncover corporations located in Germany where the entity is a service provider or to find a university located in Canada where they are a collaborator with a corporation. This feature alone will enhance our customers’ research and once again positions them to quickly uncover and analyze relevant information versus wading through the noise of other “royalty rate tools”.

Entity filter benchmark App

In the coming weeks, I plan on highlighting future enhancements, so feel free to follow along on LinkedIn to learn more about the rapid innovation happening at ktMINE.

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