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Innovative Approach

IP Strategy & Valuation
The global intellectual property landscape is ever-evolving. Law firms, corporations, consultants, governments, and universities rely on intelligence from ktMINE’s applications and data services to protect and support IP valuation and strategy business decisions.

Maximize your IP valuation analysis power & minimize risk with ktMINE’s intellectual property software


ktMINE enables professionals to:

  • Understand and predict shifting IP markets
  • Support the value of IP
  • Evaluate company IP profiles

Without ktMINE, professionals risk:

  • Missing changes within IP markets
  • Compromising the outcome of licensing, acquisitions, and licensing activities
  • Incomplete and inaccurate representation of company IP strategies

ktMINE Data

ktMINE is the most comprehensive repository of IP data and  includes:


Browse more than 100,000 agreements using concise overviews from our license agreement database

IP Connections

Uncover IP connections easy by linking publicly available IP data sets. Find valuable relationships, monitor competitors, and more

Corporate Trees

Instant access and insight to a company's full corporate holdings and transactions

Licensed Patents

Access more than 250,000 licensed patents

Licensed Trademarks

Linked trademark data that includes terms, conditions, payments, and more


Access thousands of news articles to stay up-to-date on the IP landscape

Patent Assignments

Integrated patent assignments data reveals true patent owners within the IP landscape

Patent Court Cases

Access thousands of patent court cases to gain greater insight into litigation activity

Global Patents

Unlock the power of patent data with our comprehensive research database

Royalty Rates

Reliable, expansive royalty rate data to power your transactions analyses

Trademarks & Assignments

Comprehensive trademark and assignment data to enhance competitive intelligence research

Global Coverage and Insights:

Geographic Coverage


Company Coverage

Millions of Public and Private Companies

Industry Coverage

All Industries

Search across all IP

Issue: IP markets are constantly shifting, making it difficult to monitor the impact these changes have on an IP strategy.

Solution: ktMINE provides robust analytics and connected IP data to quickly predict and better understand these shifting IP markets.

Issue: Common IP valuation approaches rely on past experience, rules of thumb, or antiquated methodologies that are not defensible.

Solution: ktMINE enables an accurate and defensible IP valuation through the most comprehensive licensing and royalty rate data available.

Issue: IP portfolio analyses tend to only focus on patents, ignoring other IP activities that impact a company’s IP strategy.

Solution: ktMINE gives instant access to a company’s comprehensive IP portfolio, including IP filing, transaction, licensing, and litigation activity.  

Use Cases

Utilize ktMINE for IP valuation, strategy and risk activities, such as:

  • Determining licensing deal structure trends for IP commercialization
  • Preparing litigation and audit support
  • Identifying royalty rates for the valuation of intellectual property
  • Developing IP transaction landscapes: identifying potential licensees, buyers or sellers of technology
  • Supporting and refining patent licensing strategies
  • Monitoring companies’ and competitors’ intellectual property trends
  • Locating IP holding companies and subsidiaries

ktMINE Insights

Law concept, owl in a judge gavel concept

An AM Law 200 Firm

Discover how an AM Law 200 Firm with global clients turned to ktMINE to help its attorneys access live analytics from within the firm’s internal client management system versus having to navigate into our SaaS solution.

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Econ graphs

Economic Research Provider

A leading independent research firm specializing in economic data and policy insight approached ktMINE seeking raw, curated, and structured IP data to create economic models for support analyses.

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man and woman working together

Leveraging Transactions Data

IP is a key component of transactions. In the current economic, political, and legal environment, it’s essential to understand key aspects of these agreements and transactions to inform your IP research and strategy.

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