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What is Patent Data?

Patent data refers to the information and documentation related to a granted patent or a patent application. This data covers a wide range of details about the invention, its inventors, legal status, and technical specifications. It plays a crucial role in documenting and protecting intellectual property rights and can be a valuable resource for various stakeholders, including inventors, businesses, researchers, and policymakers.

While analyzing a patent’s data within the ktMINE Platform, researchers will come across bibliographic data, the patent’s abstract, claims, description, and any drawings related to the invention.

Why Choose ktMINE for Global Patent Data?

ktMINE is the top choice among organizations that need access to global patent data due to its user-friendly platform and comprehensive datasets. It offers advanced analytics tools for trend analysis, patent analysis, and corporate structure data, providing a complete view of a company’s IP holdings. ktMINE’s patent data is essential for competitive intelligence, enabling monitoring of competitor patent activity and simplifying research through intuitive features. Our platform keeps users informed with the latest global patent activity, making it an invaluable resource for strategic decision-making.

ktMINE also offers API access to patent data and Patent Images. This innovative capability allows access to over 70+ jurisdictions of Full-Text patents and to over 600 million patent images converted into web browser-compatible format and the ability to instantly resize and format images to be used anywhere within your applications or other services. 

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Types of Patent Data

The ease of reviewing various types of patent data within the ktMINE platform is one of our standout features. The ktMINE platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of accessing and analyzing patent information. Users can effortlessly navigate and explore different categories of patent data through various innovative features such as Patent Full-Text View.

ktMINE’s Comprehensive Patent Data Coverage

ktMINE has aggregated the world’s largest repository of IP data and documentation. Our data is sourced from patent offices, financial regulatory authorities, and anywhere else that offers insights into IP and transactional data. Our dedicated team of IP experts, with the aid of industry-leading tech, diligently cleans, organizes, and establishes connections within the IP data, thereby streamlining the user experience. With ktMINE’s comprehensive database, users have access to a robust collection of over 141 million global patents encompassing over 70 jurisdictions, with updates occurring biweekly –  ensuring that they have access to the most current and relevant IP information available.


70+ Jurisdictions

Biweekly Updates

Connected Data

Use Cases

The ktMINE platform offers a multitude of valuable use cases when it comes to patent data:

  • Identifying Key Patent Information: ktMINE simplifies the process of identifying essential patent details, such as patent numbers, inventors, and claims, allowing users to gain a quick understanding of a patent’s significance and scope.
  • Extracting Valuable Insights from Patent Documents: Users can harness advanced analytics tools within ktMINE to extract meaningful insights from patent documents, facilitating in-depth analysis and research.
  • Significance of Corporate Structure Data: Access to corporate structure data within the platform is vital for comprehending a company’s complete intellectual property holdings, offering a comprehensive view beyond just patents.
  • Patent Landscape Analysis: ktMINE aids in mapping patent activity by technology, company, and timeframe, making it easier to identify licensing opportunities and stay updated with the intellectual property landscape through the platform’s news articles.
  • Patent Trends: Users can uncover technology trends by analyzing patent filing patterns, gaining insights into R&D trajectories, emerging competitors, and more.
  • Competitive Intelligence through Patent Data: ktMINE enables real-time monitoring of competitor patent activity for tech surveillance. Additionally, the platform’s comprehensive trademark and assignment data enhance competitive research, offering a holistic view of competitors’ IP strategies and changes in ownership or licensing agreements.

Get Started with ktMINE’s Global Patent Data

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ktMINE’s dedicated customer support team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you’re getting the most out of ktMINE’s global patent data and our market-leading applications.

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