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Access the Largest Global IP Data Repository

ktMINE’s API and Data Delivery make otherwise overwhelming projects possible. From a single provider, access the data needed to build your products. Consulting firms, investment firms, law firms, and other IP solution providers around the world trust ktMINE’s API.

Our Data Delivery enables you to develop products and insights while we source, cleanse, normalize, and standardize the data. While other providers have patent data, we provide access to global data covering the entire IP landscape from patents to trademarks, assignments to agreements, and litigation to corporate trees.

Key Benefits & Features

Access data that organizations around the world trust

Access entire-IP datasets that can be integrated into existing platforms for end-users to access

Leverage multiple datasets that easily connect without needing several data providers

Access millions of documents in XML or JSON format

Write requests to resources on our API

Access to 10+ full datasets

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Royalty Rates

Corporate Trees

How do you leverage API & Data Delivery?


Integrate agreements data into internal transfer pricing benchmarking products

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Integrate IP data to power your product offerings

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Integrate IP insights into your trading models

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