ktMINE IP Platform

Speed is the ultimate weapon in many business decisions. However, strategic decisions involving intellectual property (IP) typically require research that can take hundreds of hours to connect the dots and gain insights. Not all IP platforms are created equally.

With ktMINE:

  • Save hundreds of hours of research time answering your IP questions
  • Access IP data that has been connected to draw better insights
  • Gain insights into IP value, portfolios, transactions, and innovations

All-In-One Platform

Problem: Other tools are narrowly focused on a single IP data set, such as patents, requiring multiple vendor subscriptions whose outputs do not connect.

Solution: ktMINE combines IP data sets into one platform, saving you hundreds of hours of time and offering better insights.

Built By Industry Practitioners

Problem: Other tools were specifically built for R&D teams, making them difficult to use for strategic business decisions.

Solution: ktMINE was built by industry practitioners, taking input from M&A, transaction, prosecution and litigation attorneys, as well as, economists, and IP strategists.

Licensing & Royalty Rates Authority

Problem: Other tools claim to offer licensing intelligence but that intelligence relies purely on patent information.

Solution: ktMINE has become the leading authority on licensing and royalty rate intelligence by providing unrivaled insights through data and analytics used for negotiations, valuations, and expert testimony.

See how you can start your IP search through these easy to use applications:

Search as you like – From keywords to advanced logic, start your search the way that’s most comfortable for you and that’s the most conducive for your project. Searches can begin with any aspect of IP, such as technology sector, company, licensee, patent number, patent classification, territory, patent litigation status and much more.

Search App

Jumpstart your IP research with the industry’s go-to resource. Use keyword searching of a technology sector, industry or company to gain a comprehensive view of the IP landscape including royalty trends.

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Profiles App

Strengthen your IP intelligence with on-demand reports on any company’s IP portfolio. Start your search with a company’s name and quickly view the full corporate tree including all of its subsidiaries.

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Royalty Rates App

With the most comprehensive royalty search and analysis center, finding comparables with royalty rates has never been easier. Choose from a variety of filters, including keyword, licensee, territory and more.

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Agreements App

Boost your IP intelligence with insights into licensing and transactional behaviors. Start your search with any aspect of an agreement, including payment paragraphs, licensee, effective date, territory, IP type, SIC code and more.

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Patents App

Advance your patent intelligence with connected licensing and IP information. Start your search with any aspect of a patent, including patent owner, IPC or CPC classification, priority date, applicant country, citation counts and more.

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Commercialization App

By starting with a technology in mind, instantly see who is actively transacting specific technologies, what is the potential value of the technologies, and view contract terms to help draft and structure your agreements.

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