Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company known for using science-based innovation to contrive breakthrough treatments, turned to ktMINE to assist in uncovering research on expected and reasonable royalty rates for technologies post-patent expiry.

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The Head of Patent Research approached ktMINE to understand what royalty rate could be charged for the know-how associated with a patent post-expiration, a question that would help them further monetize their research and development investment.


The company needed support to develop their ideal licensing policy for its licensing activities.

They needed to base their policy on agreements that met specific requirements:

  • Be in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Include the license of patented technologies and know-how
  • Include payments pre- and post-patent expiration

With ktMINE, the company was able to build tailored searches to address each of their requirements as well as consider additional factors, such as date, territory, and others.


By utilizing ktMINE’s unique combination of technology guided by human expertise, the company was able to identify the ideal benchmark royalty rates.

As a result, the company drives more licensing revenue for future contracts by including know-how as part of their licenses. Without the proper solution, the company would not have had the support to propose such arrangements.

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