It’s no secret that IP data providers are faced with the challenge of providing effective and efficient access to patent images and drawings. The issues vary but are usually centered around the fact that they are poorly formatted for web browsers, suffer from a lack of user interface, or aren’t sized properly and take up a significant amount of storage.

ktMINE has addressed this problem by launching a managed service with an easy-to-use API. This innovative solution allows for instant access to over 600 million patent images from all over the world, formatted to your requirements and ready to be leveraged in AI/ML systems or presented within your application with little to no work, to be precise one line of code.

I know this sounds too good to be true – but it’s true.

The ktMINE Patent Images API endpoint provides capabilities of delivering all patent images converted into web browser compatible format (PNG) and resizing features that enable instant resizing and formatting of images to be used anywhere within your applications or other services.

There are no storage requirements for your applications and services meaning you will not need to store different versions of the same drawing or image, a simple HTTP GET API request will produce the exact version of the images you need instantly. This significantly reduces the development, storage, and infrastructure costs that would typically be associated with having a system like this.

We provide this API as a standalone service even if you do not have a subscription to the ktMINE Patents API. Our easy-to-use endpoints allow users to simply provide a document number and receive formatted and resized images

Here is an example for an image from US7111111B2

Take a look at the URL, there is not much to it and that’s all you’d have to do as well. This can be used directly in inline images or leveraged in your own services and applications to fulfill your requirements.

To learn more about ktMINE Patent Images API get in touch with our team of experts.