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A leading independent research firm specializing in economic data and policy insight approached ktMINE seeking reliable, curated, and structured IP data to create economic models to support client engagements.

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The firm’s current provider had limited data delivery capabilities. Looking to streamline processes, the firm’s Associate Director wished to work with ktMINE to develop a custom data delivery solution addressing current challenges. The firm needed a reliable and flexible solution to evaluate the movement of IP assets to and from specific countries, including China.


While the firm recognized the power of the ktMINE platform, the process to ingest data required a custom data deliverable. After discussing the shortcomings in working with their current provider, the firm developed a set of desired requirements.

To replace their current offering, the firm needed:

  • A consistently formatted report
  • Expanded and more accurate data
  • To track the movement of patents through transactions from one jurisdiction to another
  • Historical and weekly updates


ktMINE worked closely with the firm while developing the appropriate deliverable required for their models. ktMINE’s flexibility allowed the firm to receive both historical files and weekly updates to help client engagements.

As a result of working closely with this economic research firm, the ktMINE Data team leveraged our Custom Data Services Offering, built for companies with specific data requirements that are not served by traditional offerings.

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