Licensing Deals & Royalties

A researcher in an academic setting was looking to explore the terms of different licensing agreements to contribute to the literature on licensing. To do so, they required comprehensive data on disclosed deals by publicly listed companies.

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The researcher was looking to develop and publish academic papers on markets for different types of underlying intellectual property, such as patents and know-how licensing. They required comprehensive and reliable data on a wide range of industries and a broad time period to explore the dynamic changes in the royalties firms pay for licensed IP. They explored downloading data from the SEC website directly, but that proved unwieldy due to a cumbersome interface and difficulty locating the relevant data.


The academic researcher discovered ktMINE through other well-known academic papers and reached out to the ktMINE team for help in finding relevant data. ktMINE’s agreement database provided them with wider coverage beyond SEC data. This, coupled with excellent customer support and direct access to its royalty rate data, was vital to their research. With the vast data available within the ktMINE platform, they were able to analyze licensing agreements and royalty rates across a broad range of companies, industries, and years.


Once the researcher processed the data for the research project, they rapidly progressed through various stages of drafting an academic journal and now have presentations scheduled to share the findings with the community.

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