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Amplified comparable analysis

The Royalty Rates App brings ultimate insight and control to your comparables research. Access to full-text and summary agreements along with thousands of disclosed royalty and market rates significantly reduces research time while revealing industry transaction activities. 

ktMINE’s technology goes beyond the basics found in other providers to deliver diverse payment data, international public filings, and dozens of transaction types for confident, defensible analyses.

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Key Benefits & Features

Access 250+ licensing territories

Access 50+ transaction types including service, tangible, financial, and specialty transactions

Complete royalty and market rate details for analysis models

Access to full-text license agreements for each summary

Quickly search through full-text agreements and analyst-reviewed summaries with precise search filters to find the most relevant information

Narrow results to identify related and unrelated parties, exclusivity, agreement type, and industry

Support your analyses and sanity checks with fact-based evidence from global IP data

Curious about our data?

Royalty Rates

Royalty Rates



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How do you leverage the Royalty Rates App?

Universities library

Find comparable full-text agreements to value IP and structure licensing terms

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Law Firms

Value client IP assets by accessing transactions including royalty rates and other payments

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looking up at city buildings

Protect your position by reviewing relevant industry transactions

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Ensure a defensible analysis with access to arm’s length royalty rates and other non-intangibles considerations

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Monetize IP portfolios by analyzing royalty rate and licensing data

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Track IP data more efficiently to uncover where technology and innovations are moving

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ktMINE Insights

Law concept, owl in a judge gavel concept

An AM Law 200 Firm

Discover how an AM Law 200 Firm with global clients turned to ktMINE to help its attorneys access live analytics from within the firm’s internal client management system versus having to navigate into our SaaS solution.

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Econ graphs

Economic Research Provider

A leading independent research firm specializing in economic data and policy insight approached ktMINE seeking raw, curated, and structured IP data to create economic models for support analyses.

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man and woman working together

Leveraging Transactions Data

IP is a key component of transactions. In the current economic, political, and legal environment, it’s essential to understand key aspects of these agreements and transactions to inform your IP research and strategy.

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