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ktMINE for Government

Informing government intelligence and strategy through global IP data insights.

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Governments rely on our innovative applications and data services to identify IP activity between entities, determine IP trends for effective policy, and monitor global transactions.

Our applications and data services support:

  • Global Tax Authorities
  • Government Intelligence Agencies
  • Research Communities
  • National Laboratories
  • Tax & Audit Professionals

ktMINE Applications and Data Services

Discover the best data access options for your organization

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Benchmark App

The one-stop solution designed to simplify your transactions research, project management, and collaboration

Search App
Search App

Covers the entire IP landscape from Innovation & Monitoring to Licensing & Monetization, Litigation & Protection, Compliance, and Prosecution

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Profiles App

Strengthen your IP intelligence with instant, detailed reports of any company’s IP portfolio

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Instant-access to ktMINE’s entire datasets for integration into your internal applications

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Managed Services

Leverage the same capabilities as an on-premise system without managing the hardware, hosting the data, and system maintenance

ktMINE Insights

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An AM Law 200 Firm

Discover how an AM Law 200 Firm with global clients turned to ktMINE to help its attorneys access live analytics from within the firm’s internal client management system versus having to navigate into our SaaS solution.

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Econ graphs

Economic Research Provider

A leading independent research firm specializing in economic data and policy insight approached ktMINE seeking raw, curated, and structured IP data to create economic models for support analyses.

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Leveraging Transactions Data

IP is a key component of transactions. In the current economic, political, and legal environment, it’s essential to understand key aspects of these agreements and transactions to inform your IP research and strategy.

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