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We manage your data, so you don’t have to

Access global IP data in a streamlined, hosted environment. ktMINE’s Managed Services provides a 100% managed data service offering all the capabilities of an on-premise system without the requirement of extra implementation, integration, storage, or maintenance.

Save time, and bypass replication by accessing global data via simple integrations using standard requests. Our custom fields deliver seamless access to IP data for your applications. This removes the need for costly on-premise storage systems required by other providers – giving you a fully managed data service to power your solutions and research. Focus on maintaining the competitive edge within your market without incurring additional costs.

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Key Benefits & Features

Configure custom fields on the search index to house private value-added content created by your team

Directly query the search index (including custom fields) to perform targeted and detailed searches

Receive custom data delivery on a schedule with preferred models, and specific fields

Fully managed data service

Access millions of documents in XML or JSON format

Full-text search enabled for 75 national authorities

Daily updates

Access to 10+ full datasets

Curious about our data?

Global Patent Data




trademarks assignments


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Corporate Trees

How do you leverage Managed Services?

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Integrate global IP data into internal software systems to perform research

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Integrate mass amounts of data to power your service offerings

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