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Intellectual Property Data

IP data exists in the public domain, yet it’s scattered and often difficult to locate. Even with today’s advanced technologies, who has the time, resources, or energy to find it, let alone organize and connect it for a complete view of the IP landscape? We do.

ktMINE has aggregated the world’s largest repositories of IP data and documentation.

ktMINE’s IP data is sourced from patent offices, financial regulatory authorities, and anywhere else that offers insights into IP and transactional data.

The Data

ktMINE has aggregated the world’s largest repositories of IP data and documentation. Our talented team of technologists and IP data specialists work together, interconnecting our IP datasets, to reveal connections that were previously impossible to find.

Corporate Trees (Total Unique Trees)
News (Sources)
Patent Assignments
Patent Court Cases
Royalty Rates
Agreements with Royalty Rates
Trademark Assignments

From easily locating comparable market royalty rates to building a novel trading strategy, ktMINE applications, data services, and IP data deliver the insights you need to make informed decisions.


Browse more than 100,000 agreements using concise overviews from our license agreement database


Uncover IP connections easy by linking publicly available IP data sets. Find valuable relationships, monitor competitors, and more

Corporate Trees

Instant access and insight to company's full corporate holdings and transactions

Licensed Patents

Access more than 250,000 licensed patents

Licensed Trademarks

Linked trademark data that includes terms, conditions, payments, and more


Access thousands of news articles to stay up-to-date on the IP landscape

Patent Assignments

Integrated patent assignments data reveals true patent owners within the IP landscape

Patent Court Cases

Access thousands of patent court cases to gain greater insight into litigation activity

Global Patents

Unlock the power of patent data with our comprehensive research database.

Royalty Rates

Reliable, expansive royalty rate data to power your transactions analyses

Trademarks & Assignments

Comprehensive trademark and assignment data to enhance competitive intelligence research

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