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Royalty Rates are agreed-upon payable fees between two or more entities for the right to intangibles, including patents and trademarks.

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Royalty Rates: Unlocking Insights for Intellectual Property Professionals

The ability to analyze royalty rate data helps businesses facilitate licensing negotiations, aid in IP valuation, and establish benchmarks for intercompany arrangements. However, accessing accurate and up-to-date royalty rate data presents challenges due to the filing requirements, confidentiality, and limited need to publicly disclose deals. Not only that, without any standardization across licensing agreements, finding royalty rates can be difficult for even seasoned IP professionals. ktMINE apps eliminate the headache of hours of research, making royalty rate data infinitely more accessible. Even those unfamiliar with the data.

That is why, professionals across various industries rely on access to ktMINE’s robust repository of clean and accurate royalty rate data.

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 Case Studies & Common Royalty Rates Data Uses

Valuation Research

A technology company preparing for an acquisition needs to value its intellectual property assets for M&A. They use ktMINE’s royalty rate data to benchmark patents against comparable deals and identify royalty rates for market or patent valuation analyses. These insights provide valuable information for an accurate valuation, impacting the success of the acquisition and enhancing negotiations with potential acquirers.

Transfer Pricing Research

A multinational corporation with subsidiaries in different countries is engaged in intercompany licensing transactions. To ensure compliance with transfer pricing regulations, the company’s tax and legal teams access ktMINE’s royalty rate data to identify industry-standard licensing terms and royalty rates for similar technology transfers. This data helps them establish arm’s-length pricing for intercompany transactions, mitigating the risk of tax audits and transfer pricing adjustments.

Commercialization Research

A pharmaceutical company is considering commercializing a new drug candidate developed in-house. The company’s business development team uses ktMINE’s royalty rate data to identify potential licensing partners and assess the commercial potential of the drug in various markets. By analyzing royalty rates for similar drugs and licensing agreements, the team gains valuable insights to inform their commercialization strategy and negotiate licensing deals more effectively.

How to Access ktMINE’s Royalty Rates Data

To access ktMINE’s royalty rates data, contact our team today to get a free demonstration of our apps. During this time, our team will learn more about your organization’s unique needs and what ktMINE subscription package best suits your team.

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