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Amplified comparable analysis

Royalty Rates are agreed-upon payable fees between two or more entities for the right to intangibles, including patents and trademarks.

Our Royalty Rates database allows you to quickly identify and analyze industry royalties paid between entities.

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Common Royalty Rates Data Uses

  • Determine the value of specific technologies using comparable patent royalty rates
  • Support and review patent royalty rates trends by manufacturing intangible transactions such as patents, trade secrets, and technical information
  • Identify royalty rates for market or patent valuation analyses
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ktMINE Insights


Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company known for using science-based innovation to contrive breakthrough treatments, turned to ktMINE to assist in uncovering research on expected and reasonable royalty rates for technologies post-patent expiry.

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Economic Research Provider

A leading independent research firm specializing in economic data and policy insight approached ktMINE seeking raw, curated, and structured IP data to create economic models for support analyses.

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5 Reasons to Leverage Transactions Data

Intellectual property is a key component of transactions. It drives the reason for transactions to occur and the value of the transactions. In the current economic, political, and legal environment, it’s essential to understand key aspects of these agreements and transactions to inform your IP research and strategy.


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