What is Concept View?

ktMINE’s newest addition is Concept View, a visual enhancement centered around ktMINE full-text patent data. When performing patent research, it is necessary to eliminate noise while still being able to feel confident in your research. These assessments reduce research time and target only the most important or relevant patents for analysis. 

At the core of patent research is the ability to quickly and confidently move from document to document to support a variety of projects including novelty, portfolio reviews, patentability, freedom to operate, and validity. Concept View solves challenges by creating a visual way of identifying the most significant language and maximizing the searchers’ efficiency.

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Concept View helps researchers by:

  • Giving a visual representation of the text of a patent
  • Speeding up patent full-text research
  • Identifying potential concepts to consider within your search
  • Tagging concepts to make document reviews easier

why we built it

Concept View was built with one thing in mind, giving efficiency to our users. ktMINE strives to not only provide the data our users need but allow them to save time by accessing important information at the click of a button. 


who it helps

At its most basic level, the Concept View enhancement aids anyone partaking in patent research. However, some specific research types can gather the most value from this functionality, such as freedom to operate, prior art, and even patent analysis for Technology Transfer. 

Example uses of Concept View:

Freedom to Operate:

When identifying whether you would be infringing upon any existing patents, users can leverage Concept View to see which words may be missing from their search to ensure a view of the complete landscape.


When investigating prior art, users can leverage the Concept View to see which terms they should leverage in the Full-Text View. Users can utilize those keywords gained by Concept View to instantly see if there is existing prior art within the specifications.

Patent Strategy Research:

When needing to assess an industry, a user can access Concept View on the resulting patents to identify potential key terms to apply to the broader search and target subsections of an industry.

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