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Patent Full-Text View

Leveraging to identify claims that are prior art

ktMINE’s newest addition, Patent Full-Text View, brings full-text patent data directly into the ktMINE platform. This information is imperative for performing a multitude of patent analyses such as FTO searches, prior art searches, and even patent strategy decisions. 

ktMINE Patent Full-Text View aids this research by using our proprietary technology to display only the sections of a patent’s abstract, claims, and description of a patent that contain your keywords. By indicating this language and truncating the surrounding text, users gain instant insights and answer their most pressing questions.

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I need to understand if there is any existing prior art for my patent involving RFID chips using an ultra-high frequency.

By leveraging ktMINE, a user will build an initial search looking for RFID chip technologies to identify a pool of potential patents that could be problematic. Once the search is built, the user can enter keywords such as “ultra-high frequency” into the Full-Text Patent View. ktMINE’s new Patent Full-Text Patent View truncates the claims section,  displaying the exact claims containing their keywords. By having the ability to instantly see the specific claims of interest, the analyst saves immense time, allowing them to quickly decide if the patent in question would infringe on any prior art. The best part is that this view allows you to navigate through additional documents without needing to re-enter these keywords, saving time by making the research more efficient.

I would like to understand Google’s patent claims around artificial intelligence within its portfolio.

ktMINE’s Patent Full-Text View is a great tool to review the claims a company has on its patents. Users can quickly identify this information by running a search by either an ultimate parent or current owner. After the search has been built, the user can go to the Patent Full-Text View and enter the term “artificial intelligence”. Upon doing so, the user will instantly see which claims directly reference the terms to understand what sort of patents the company holds.

When looking at patent US10624992B2, I am mostly interested in how the cells are engineered and how to utilize them for transplantation, but need more detail than the text of the claim would provide.

Alongside claims text, ktMINE’s Patent Full-Text View also allows the review of description text. This text is valuable when needing more details than the text of the claim would allow. A user can run a search by the patent document number and then enter in the appropriate keywords of interest. After which the user can expand only the description section to review that text and understand how those keywords are leveraged within the implementation of the patent. 

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