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Today is officially the first day of Fall! For many, this means swapping out the summer decorations for pumpkins and gourds as well as officially unpacking those cool weather clothes. As the leaves begin to turn, we wanted to share some fall-related patents to help us get excited about the changing season.


Electric Blanket 

Having an electric blanket on hand is a necessity, especially in cooler states as the weather starts to shift along with earlier sunsets. Whether you are snuggling up on the couch for a movie marathon or looking to extend the outdoor season, the following patent makes it possible. 

The Electric Blanket (US4031352A), was published in 1977. This unique blanket gets its heat from a low voltage supply source – allowing you to safely and comfortably say goodbye to the warm summer months.

Electric Blanket Patent Image

Source: Found in the ktMINE Patents Database

Slow Cooker 

Cheering on your favorite team might look a little different this year – as many of us will be watching from the safety and comfort of our own home. However, that doesn’t mean that the tailgating should stop. This patented slow cooker (USD878139S) is perfect for preparing those tailgating snacks that remind you of the real deal.

Not a sports person? This Slow Cooker, patented earlier this year by Sunbeam Products Inc, is also great for appetizers, easy dinners, as well as a helping of hot cider. Need a little recipe inspiration? Pot roast with chickpea salad, cream cheese sausage dip, and chili are some of the ktMINERs go-to low cooker recipes.

Slow Cooker Patent Image

Source: Found in the ktMINE Patents Database


With Fall comes leaves – lots of leaves. Having a rake around the house is essential – especially if you experience a Midwest fall. The following patent (US1706547A) is one of the most popular rakes that is still sold and used today – invented in 1948 by Camille J Rocquin. This specific rake was so successful due to its quick assembly and ability to replace broken teeth.

Rake Patent Image

Source: Found in the ktMINE Patents Database

Scented Candles

There is something about lighting a fall candle that makes your space that much cozier. Whether you prefer pumpkin spice, vanilla creme, or apple cinnamon we have the following patent to thank. 

The device for manufacturing scented candles patent (US2019284504A) was granted to Jaeyun Jang in September of last year. The specific device has a unit to dispense both the wax and scented oils creating the perfect fragrance for this Fall season.

Scented Candle Method Patent Image

Source: Found in the ktMINE Patents Database

Pumpkin Carving Kit

With Fall comes Halloween. This means the decorative pumpkins slowly but surely start turning into jack-o-lanterns. Unless you are a veteran pumpkin carver, many turn to pumpkin carving kits to help assist in the process. 

The following Pumpkin Carving Kit (US4828114A), granted in 1989 to Pumpkin Masters LLC, includes tools for drilling and sawing as well as pattern sheets as a guide. The instructions included in this kit help bring your pumpkin to life.

Pumpkin Carving Kit Patent Image

Source: Found in the ktMINE Patents Database

Interested in more intellectual property related to Halloween? Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog featuring Halloween must-haves. 

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