Never satisfied to rest on our laurels, ktMINE is continuously pushing out new features and enhancements. In order to keep everyone up to date we wanted to put together some highlights from the first quarter of 2023.

The updates range from entirely new features and improvements on existing tools to quality-of-life improvements. Here at ktMINE, we take great pride in listening to our users to identify new features that add value to existing applications.

New Features You Can Expect:

Connected Royalties Charts

In order to better connect patent and agreement datasets for our Search App users, ktMINE recently implemented Connected Royalty Charts. These charts show the payment-related data connected to a patent so that when a user runs a patent search and would like to better understand what royalties have been previously paid in that space, they can instantly receive an answer.

For any user familiar with patents but not as practiced in agreement data, Connected Royalty Charts are a great bridge to connect the data. The implementation of Connected Royalty Charts connects technologies with payment data like no one else in today’s market.

Connected Royalties Charts

ktMINE IP Software Quality of Life Enhancements:

Narrow Filter Rework

In an effort to make more efficient workflows, ktMINE has updated our Narrow Filter functionality. The updated feature enables the reduction of results in real-time while updating counts to more accurately identify what will occur when making a selection.

Export Server Enhancements

Speed and performance are always going to be paramount to ktMINE. Under that lens, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing backend systems. An area we recently brought under the microscope was our export servers. Through this review, we managed to improve load capabilities and speed. 

Loading Enhancements

ktMINE also looks to improve the seemingly small things. Recently, we enhanced our loading experience across our applications to provide more obvious indicators as to when data is being processed. This will help with transparency, allowing users to easily identify what is occurring on their screens.

Future Enhancements

Here are a few things you can expect from ktMINE in 2023.

  •       Improved data and functionalities centered around patent citation data
  •       New rejection data offerings
  •       Creating a new semantic keyword engine

Don’t see an update you were hoping for? Reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team at We are always turning to our users to give us insight into what needs to be improved and added to our IP platform. All in all, ktMINE will always look to be better, continue to update, and innovate within our offering. Stay tuned for the next batch of improvements – we can’t wait to share more with you soon!