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At ktMINE, our goal is to deliver unmatched global IP data insights and analytics to reduce the friction in your research. With a focus on improved user experience, see below for the latest enhancements to the ktMINE Search App and Benchmark App designed to help you take back your day.

ktMINE Search App

Data Profiles

Each of our data profiles for Patents, Patent Assignments, Patent Court Cases, Trademarks, Trademark Assignments, and Agreements received updates to provide users with enhanced views. The new views reorganize our data pages to make the ease of research faster and easier for our users.

Patent Search

As you can see in these images below, the change makes reviewing the data profiles easier by grouping and structuring the data in an organized way to speed up analysis.

Old Profile View
Updated Data Profiles
New Profile View

Updated Data Profiles 2


Added Data Connectivity – Agreements to Court Cases

ktMINE spent the last couple of months building a new data connection. In the past, users had been able to see patents and agreements connected to one another, now users can see court cases and agreements connected to one another. This new connection enables users to see the outcomes including settlement agreements of court cases that are not reported within PACER.

Here is an image to show you where to identify the new connected data information.


Benchmark App Enhancements

We have added a new field to our Benchmark Agreements data model for our customers called Indication. This field enables those conducting Life Sciences related research to find the information they need for their benchmarking projects. 

See below for an example of how the data can be seen in the benchmark profiles highlighting a standard search and one using Paragraph View. 

AID Search Benchmark App

AID Search Benchmark Paragraph View

Contact us today for more information on our Q1 updates and to experience the enhancements in real time.

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