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The ktMINE team has been working hard to bring our largest innovations yet to our platform. Over the past quarter, we’ve been diligently working on implementing the backend necessary to get our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionalities to the market. The launch of these innovations will immediately benefit all our customers including those in Transfer Pricing, Valuation, Technology Transfer, IP Strategy, and Law Firm markets. 

While AI has been a priority, the rest of our development team has been focused on simplifying our application to improve the user workflow as well as add legal status data. These combined endeavors aim to not only advance ktMINE’s technological capabilities but also elevate the overall accessibility and utility of our platform for all users.

Enhancing Patent Searching with Integrated Legal Status Data

An important input in patent searching involves legal status data to determine strategic value. Recognizing its importance, ktMINE sought to integrate this data into our platform. Adding both searching capabilities and color-coded visual displays, this data can now be easily found and discerned to glean insights into patent data.

Streamlining User Experience by Simplifying ktMINE Applications

Another area we focused on was the simplification of our applications to help improve user experience. These enhancements include changes to the search interface to more easily identify what kind of results are waiting after executing a search. Alongside these changes, we updated the landing pages upon transition to more accurately align with potential use cases. Now users are more rapidly directed to the most important information to simplify the experience. 

Stay tuned over the coming months and keep an eye out for announcements via our LinkedIn and Twitter. As we prepare to launch our new AI-driven search interface, subscribers will be the first to get access, and possibly priority access, as we roll out the features. We cannot wait to provide this to our users and continue our mission of pushing the capabilities and insights derived from IP data. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and newsletter and be one of the first to experience the future of intellectual property exploration.

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