On April 4th, ktMINE CEO, Michael Taylor hosted an exclusive webinar with Co-Founders Stephanie Curcio and James Stonehill of NLPatent to discuss our data partnership. If you were unable to attend the webinar, be sure to check out the key takeaways below.

For those who are not familiar with NLPatent, they are an AI-based patent search platform that provides a unique way to understand patents and the language of innovation. NLPatent uses natural language queries to search for patents based on conceptual relevancy to the subject matter, rather than strictly matching keywords. This approach allows users to copy and paste claim language, an abstract, or an invention disclosure into the search bar, and the platform will return relevant results.

Through our data partnership, NLPatent leverages ktMINE’s high-quality full-text patent data which allows its engineering team to focus on bringing cutting-edge AI innovations to the IP industry. In particular, access to ktMINE’s full-text patent data enables NLPatent to focus on differentiating features, reducing engineering costs, and supporting new updates. This ultimately results in NLPatent being able to deliver its customers like Baker Botts, Potter Clarkson, Desmarais, and more an industry-leading Patent Search Platform. 

Let’s take a look at a few case studies to see the value of this partnership first-hand. 

A patent attorney at Baker Botts with a background in computer science used NLPatent to refine search results to identify inventive concepts for his startup clients. They appreciate the complete control over the search and how they can quickly iterate on the claims to ensure the parameters of the invention are adequately identified. This approach saves time and improves confidence that the application will be allowed by conducting pre-filing novelty searches.

A patent attorney at Potter Clarkson works with startup clients to protect their IP and uses NLPatent to understand the parameters of the invention before prosecution begins. By conducting pre-filing novelty searches, they reduce prosecution time and create a “trusted advisor” relationship with clients. Moreover, NLPatent helps Potter Clarkson draft better patent applications, especially for big companies that might be acquirers in the future.

Desmarais, a top-tier patent trial boutique, uses NLPatent to find better prior art. For example, several months ago Desmarais was parachuted into an IPR at the last minute and the team couldn’t find adequate prior art from the search firm they were using. However, after learning about NLPatent from another client, Desmarais gave it a try, and the results were impressive. NLPatent quickly identified the correct priority date and provided the right results, which helped the team win the case.

ktMINE’s API and Data Delivery allow users instant access to ktMINE’s 10+ datasets for integration into existing platforms. Having aggregated the world’s largest repositories of IP data and documentation, ktMINE offers unique access options that best fit your organization’s unique needs. To learn more about our API and Data Delivery offering, get in touch with us today. 

Access the full webinar recording below and hear more NLPatent Case Studies.

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