What is it?

KtMINE is excited to announce that we have integrated agreement data directly into our patent analytics. Previously, users could identify specific patents referenced in an agreement, however, we wanted to take it a step further to bring even more insights to our valued users. We’ve done this by extracting the payment data from those connected agreements to allow users to identify what an appropriate rate may be for a patent.

Cross Connecting Data

Data in a vacuum isn’t useful. Using data to see the connections between varying forms of information can lead to strategies and insights that are impossible to gain by themselves. This is why ktMINE prides itself on not only being a resource for quality data but for going out of our way to tie the data together.

While there are companies who specialize in either patent or agreement data, no one can claim the expertise in both that we possess. This unique position allows us to bring value adds to patent and agreement research previously unknown.

Value of Patents

What value does connected agreement data bring to patents? The short answer is – actionable payment data.

The value of royalty rate data connected to issued patents can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the patents and the industries to which they relate. Generally, royalty rates are the rates that licensees pay licensors for the right to use patented technology or intellectual property. However, assessing the value of a patent is a difficult and arduous task where finding good data to go off of may be the biggest challenge.

Many patent researchers may not be familiar with how best to utilize agreement and payment data as it’s not their core IP focus. ktMINE’s connected patent agreement data was specifically designed to solve this challenge. Our platform not only provides real-world examples of what market participants are willing to pay for the right to use the patents, but it also puts that information into the standard workflow of the researcher.  Gone are the days of running patent and agreement research separately when this data is now integrated directly into the analytics of the patent data itself.

Get in touch with the ktMINE team today to learn how this new feature can help answer your most difficult questions.