As a SaaS and DaaS provider, our biggest responsibility is to serve the needs of our customers — by delivering information to our users and enabling them to leverage that information to serve their customers. But that isn’t where our story begins and ends. Most providers only focus on the buyers or decision-makers, ignoring the relationship between end-users.

The most important part of our technical conversations, demonstrations, and training includes uncovering what the customer hopes to find and understanding why they need that information. Once we have found the “why,” the next step is determining how they intend to use the information.

  • Do they need to draft a report?
  • Does the report require continuous updates? 
  • Is it a one-and-done task? 
  • Does their customer (internal or external) want to see additional details? 

All of these questions help us build better products.

With our latest offerings, we focused on collecting customer feedback and recognizing what both our direct users as well as their clients are looking for in an IP platform. Take law firms, for example, we serve many different audiences within a firm. We serve attorneys, paralegals, legal researchers, law librarians, business development and marketing professionals, and at more tech-focused firms, our products power technology teams. Each of these users serve different internal and external customers from the firm’s employees to their clients.

Because of this, we have expanded our offerings to successfully support the different end-users that can be found in one organization. ktMINE’s Analytics Widget App allows users to take live, interactive analytics and put them directly in front of our customers’ end-users. Our Benchmark App offers the ability to perform complete transaction valuation benchmarking within the product, directly delivering insights along with any comments and notes to the end-users. With our DaaS offering, we provide access to the largest repository of IP data, covering global full-text patent data, along with agreements, licensed patents, patent court cases, trademarks, corporate trees, and IP assignments to law firms, corporations, and IP service providers.

At each step, we have focused on ‘what’s next?’ and architecting to take us beyond where we are and focusing on where our customers need to go for their internal and external end-users.