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Personally, I have always found the correlation between patents, emerging technologies, and potential indicators for stock market performance fascinating. Every week, I typically spend some time reviewing companies that were issued US patent grants in the ktMINE platform. On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, a company by the name Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. received a patent grant on its new technology. I dug a little deeper into this company’s patent activity and realized that this could be a big deal for them.

ktMINE links patent data to companies developing new and emerging technologies. Additionally, we keep track of stock market performance among the companies with patent activity.

Today, February 10, 2021, Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (BPTH) is way up in the stock market at one point over 300% increase. With a closer look, you’ll see it’s related to the most recent issued patent. A full 15 days after the issued patent, the stock price went to the moon. There are headlines all over talking about this granted patent today.

What is the relationship between the issued patent and the dramatic increase in share value? Bio-Path spent roughly the last three years developing its platform technology before it was granted patent protection. Taking a look at the Bio-Path patent portfolio, there is a lot of data for this technology.

Where was I able to find this information? ktMINE’s ticker symbol mapped patent dataset – which includes Bio-Path’s corporate tree groups all their holdings.

When did I get this granted patent information? From the ktMINE platform on grant day – January 26, 2021. These insights are available to the market from ktMINE at a minimum of two weeks before stock movement. How many other opportunities exist like this in patent data? Too many to count.

This is another great example of how corporate value is directly related to intellectual property (IP). A company’s technology development is critical to creating a competitive edge in the market. Meaning patent protection becomes necessary in order to keep that edge. Company investors should leverage the power of IP data to influence their investment strategies.

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