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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all aspects of our everyday lives – in an instant, we witnessed the upheaval of day-to-day routines. As the situation progressed, we knew it was critical for us to rethink how we work together and how we would drive forward in a time of uncertainty. If there has been a silver lining anywhere in this experience since March, I’d have to say increased communication between our teams and continued innovation at ktMINE.

This is going to sound simple…but the truth is we went to greater depths with our everyday routines. Most of our team came into the office every day, so our time was essentially scheduled out for us and we could easily interact with one another. Huddling up in a conference room, a quick chat by someone’s workstation, or grabbing lunch together became part of our daily routines. When our in-person connections dissolved, I believe there was a strong desire to maintain a sense of normalcy. We heightened our focus on connecting with each other via all available channels for projects and everyday water cooler conversations. There’s also the shared experience of essentially inviting each other into our homes that have become workspaces. Now there are family members, pets, and other characters that are a part of our daily interactions – which has maintained and strengthened the team dynamic.

So what exactly have we been up to? 

Since the spring, we’ve reimagined our flagship product into an integrated research and project management application. Additional highlights include enhanced search capabilities, the new Project Center, and Paragraph View – all developed to simplify your transactions research and drive collaboration.

We developed the brand new Analytics Widget App to bring customers live, analytic dashboards in a few simple clicks. The app displays the users’ selected dashboards featuring live analytics powered by ktMINE’s global data.

Finally, we have improved our data platform and increased our delivery channels by creating a state-of-the-art data service (DaaS) infrastructure with the largest collection of IP data anywhere in the world, all connected and highly integrated; from corporate tree mapping to transaction connections. All backed up by a flexible API and custom data delivery system making integration simpler and more straightforward.

The foundational changes and product innovations this year reinforce our mission to transform data into meaningful information for our customers and enable them to focus on their craft and save time.

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