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Every four years, the world comes together for the Summer Olympic Games. 17 straight days of competing to win medals and return home with all the glory. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, although put on in 2021, are just days away from the closing ceremony. To reach peak conditions, athletes seek the most innovative coaches and training strategies. In the spirit of innovation, let’s look at a few ways patents and the Olympic Games cross paths.


Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Patent CN201276854Y, titled “Olympic innovative prize-awarding platform” granted in 2009, makes showing off the winners in a way that’s practical and fun. This patent describes a mechanical podium that elevates and rotates. This allows the Olympians to remain still while making a full sweep of the stadium in order for the crowd to see and take pictures of their face. The automation provides a smoother rotation than the Olympians could achieve on their own and ensures everyone receives a direct view.

Olympic podium

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Not Your Average Nose Dive

Diving right into the next patent, CN202699978U titled “Anti-drop swimming nose clip” published in 2013, solves a problem among many swimmers in previous Olympic Games. The patent provides a more secure fit by utilizing a clip that goes into the nose and clamps onto the alar tissue, and another clip that is pushed over the nose for reinforcement.

Olympic nose clip

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Burn Baby Burn

Since the Winter Games of 1936, the Olympic opening ceremony starts with the torch relay, which ends in the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. As the tradition stands, the flame continues to burn for the duration of the Games, until it is extinguished during the Olympic closing ceremony. The following patent, US6733282B2, is a fuel delivery system and burner that is suitable for the Olympic torch. This innovation keeps the torch burning through wind, rain, and any other unforeseen weather conditions during the opening and closing ceremonies. 

torch fueling

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Olympic torch

Source: Found in the ktMINE Search App

While the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games are coming to a close this Sunday, innovation is not wrapping up anytime soon. We look forward to seeing what innovations the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will bring.

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