Denver, CO
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The AALL Annual Meeting & Conference brings together collaborators from across the legal information profession for three days of innovation, tailored learning, and networking. Attendees can expect the latest, cutting-edge professional development and peer-to-peer connections, and a place to gather and exchange ideas. Attendees will participate in educational programming and discussions that directly impact law libraries, their roles, and their ongoing transformation.

The AALL 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference will  focus on:

  • Professionalism + Leadership at Every Level
  • Research + Analysis
  • Information Management
  • Teaching + Training
  • Marketing + Outreach
  • Management + Business Acumen

We look forward to seeing our partners and friends for the first time in-person since 2019. We’ve added a lot of improvements in the past 3 years and we cannot wait to share them with the law librarian/legal community. Here’s a brief glimpse of some updates to our Search App.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Don’t want to wait until AALL 2022? Get in touch to discuss how ktMINE’s applications and data service can enhance your IP research.