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Our most recent product enhancement further fills a gap in the market. After listening to our customer’s wants and needs, we got to work on a new patent view within the ktMINE Search App. One of the most important aspects of our products has always been the ability to view the source information behind our data and analytics. Similar to the functionality already available for agreement data, the Patent Full-Text View allows our users to do just that.

This enhancement lets users looking to analyze available patent text to see where different keywords and phrases appear within patent documents.

With this view, users can locate specific keywords within the full-text of a patent, enabling them to quickly view relevant claims and sections of the patent description that match their search.

This view is valuable for anyone doing a technical review of the full-text patent documents available to you in the ktMINE Search App because it improves the speed of review by carrying the selected words over from patent to patent.

The following image shows the new view with selected keywords. Only the relevant claims are displayed while allowing hidden sections and the full-text to be expanded to be reviewed.

ktMINE Patent Full-text View dashboard

The Patent Full-Text view is also exportable to MS Word – allowing the highlighted sections to be shared within teams or used for work documents.

Interested in learning more about our latest enhancement? Reach out to the ktMINE team today.

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