CHICAGO, January 25, 2022 ( – A global transactions research database and analytics platform specializing in the collection and organization of intellectual property (IP) information, announced today the official launch of the Analytics Widget App, a revolutionized IP analytics solution. The Analytics Widget App evolves how users leverage IP data and analytics while driving enhanced research strategies through collaboration. 

“Our customers desired a seamless way to interact with IP analytics,” says Michael Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at ktMINE, “and with that, the Analytics Widget App was born, delivering real-time analytics without the need to log into our platform.” ktMINE’s latest innovation offers a new way to interact with global transactions data – allowing firms to strengthen competitive intelligence through direct access to insights from existing systems such as a local computer, shared drive, intranet, or CRM. Access to live analytics in a local environment reduces the friction of jumping from research applications, ultimately eliminating workflow complications for a clean, and intuitive user experience.

“Leveraging consistent and accurate analytics in a single, familiar interface positions users to quickly and successfully identify market activities – ultimately leading to a competitive advantage that includes a proactive strategy,” says Michael Taylor.

Users are able to create, view, and download custom dashboards with live analytics pulled from ktMINE’s vast repository of global IP data – removing the need to create new searches or use multiple research tools. These capabilities deliver a reliable snapshot of IP holdings and transactions for competitive company and industry intelligence. If deeper analysis is necessary, users are able to click into the widget to visit ktMINE’s full IP platform.

The sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Analytics Widget App benefits several industries, offering a powerful, new analytics research solution. 

With the immediate launch, users have the ability to:

  • Access seven datasets with over 100 preloaded visualizations from internal systems, intranets, or local desktops
  • Easily embed code for quick set up and endless use
  • View real-time updates to desired analytics
  • Share and export visualizations for collaboration

The Analytics Widget App is available today. For more information visit ktMINE

About ktMINE

Located in Chicago, IL, ktMINE collects, organizes, and connects transactional and Intellectual Property data to help you quickly and confidently perform research. ktMINE then takes that data and turns it into real, actionable insights. Because ktMINE believes that there’s a big difference between data and intelligence. Learn more about ktMINE at