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Chicago, IL – 07/27/2022 (IPWatchdog) (NewsWire)– ktMINE, a global transactions research database and analytics platform specializing in the collection and organization of intellectual property (IP) information announced today the official launch of ktMINE Gold, a Search App subscription option that offers users direct access to the most extensive worldwide coverage of full-text patent data on today’s market.

“We are incredibly excited to be expanding our patent coverage. ktMINE data has always provided immense value-adds to the patent research space, and now having the most full-text patent data available completes the picture like no one else can,” says Brett Schoell, ktMINE Product Lead.

ktMINE’s latest innovation offers users the ability to analyze over 150 million patent documents including full-text from over 77 national patent offices within the ktMINE Platform. ktMINE patent full-text data combined with its global transaction data make it a leading solution for evaluating licensing, patent transactions, prior art, operating freedom, drafting patents, technical evaluations, and more.

“Our patent full-text data expansion is important for any patent researcher. By having the largest repository, users can ensure they have all the important data they need such as claims and description text to input into their analyses. Pairing this data with the IP housed in our platform, researchers are able to create value-adds unlike any other,” says Schoell.

On top of that, ktMINE Gold takes users’ IP research to the next level through the Search App’s proprietary highlighting technology. This innovative feature identifies the location of specific keywords within a patent’s full-text – allowing for a streamlined user experience.

ktMINE Gold is available today. For more information about ktMINE’s Search App subscription options, reach out directly.

About ktMINE:
Located in Chicago, IL, ktMINE collects, organizes, and connects transactional and Intellectual Property data to help you quickly and confidently perform research. ktMINE then takes that data and turns it into real, actionable insights. Because ktMINE believes that there’s a big difference between data and intelligence. Learn more about ktMINE at

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