In last quarter’s newsletter, I wrote about the artificial intelligence (AI) developments we planned to launch in the coming months. Well, the team has been hard at work creating an optimized way to identify commercialization opportunities for our customers’ patent holdings. We are excited to officially launch Companies Tab, a revolutionary approach to rank licensing opportunities within the context of the technology being searched – ultimately providing our users insights never seen before in the market. By addressing the challenges related to commercializing patents and achieving a return on investment, ktMINE stands at the forefront of extracting the true value of IP.

Recent research has revealed that the total value of intellectual property worldwide is estimated to be nearly $74 trillion. The ability to extract value from IP holdings is crucial for the success of many organizations, enabling them to remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment. The challenges our customers face on a day-to-day basis are what keep our team moving forward with every feature and enhancement we produce.

From the very beginning of ktMINE back in 2008, we aimed to create solutions that IP stakeholders worldwide could easily access to identify, manage, and value their IP within a single solution. This vision has led us to where we are today and will inform our journey as we continue to innovate within this industry.

There is still a lot more coming over the next few months, and I can’t wait for you to see our most recent developments in action. As always, the team looks forward to and welcomes your feedback, so we can continue to improve and adapt our innovations to your IP research needs.

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