In honor of our 12th anniversary in business, we thought it would be fun to share a dozen things you may not know about ktMINE – our history, our team, along with the solutions we provide.

1.Founded in 2008 

We remain headquartered in Chicago, IL, with remote workers in the Greater Chicago Area as well as Denver, Colorado. 

2.Our Motto 

The ktMINE motto is “nothing is sacred.” Meaning that no idea, suggestion, or thought should go unheard – leaving everything on the table has helped our employees work hard every day to push the bar on innovation, taking our users to the next level. 

3.The Face of ktMINE 

Miner Mike was “born” around 2016 when we revamped our customer success team, and we wanted to give a happy face to what our users were experiencing. Miner Mike now graces our social media, internal documents, and has a life-size cutout cheering us on in the office.

Miner Mike


Our CEO, Michael Taylor, COO, John Wiora, and CFO, Christopher Teglia, have been leading the organization for the past 10+ years. That contributes to the one-of-a-kind company culture and values we have been able to maintain throughout the past 12 years.

ktMINE Executive Team

5.The ktMINE Name

ktMINE is derived from our past CEO’s wife’s name. You know how a lot of tech projects start with a ‘code’ name? Ours was Project Katie. Then evolving into ktMINE, as we pride ourselves on mining data that no one else can. 

6.Starting as a Company of 2

ktMINE has grown over the years to build out Data, Development, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams to serve our customers, providing them with not only a robust repository of IP data but a clean and intuitive searching experience.

ktMINE Team7.A Single Platform 

Our IP solutions give users the ability to search, analyze, and review trademarks, assignments, patents, mergers and acquisitions, royalty rates, company profiles, court cases, news, as well as agreements all within a single platform. 

8.Award-Winning Solutions

ktMINE CEO, Michael Taylor was named in the 2019 IAM Strategy 300  – The World’s Leading IP Strategists. Mike’s 20+ years’ experience in systems architecture and design helps to power ktMINE’s IP Data Delivery Solutions. Under his leadership, ktMINE has received multiple awards, such as the BestInBiz Most Innovative Product of the Year and a People’s Choice Stevie Award.

9.In-house Technologists and Analysts 

The ktMINE data team not only reviews every dataset before adding it to our database but have also devised methods to interconnect our IP datasets, revealing connections that you can’t find elsewhere.

ktMINE Data

10.Sophisticated Data Delivery

ktMINE data is available through our SaaS solutions as well as our sophisticated Bulk and API data delivery offerings. ktMINE data and IP solutions are trusted by government agencies, tax professionals, universities, investment firms, and law firms around the globe.

11.Nothing is sacred.

Which includes our logo. After 11 years in business, we decided that our logo could use a little refresh – as of recently, the ktMINE team is excited to have an updated logo.

ktMINE Logo

12.Did someone say national holiday?

We are big believers in national holidays so you can expect a pie party on March 14th and a pizza party on February 9th. Any excuse for some conference room treats we can justify.

ktMINE Pi DayNow that you’ve learned a bit more about us, we’d like to do the same with you! 

Get in touch with us today – we would love to hear more about your organization’s goals for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, and even take you and your team on a tour of how ktMINE’s IP Solutions can benefit your research strategies. We hope to hear from you soon.