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What does the ktMINE Customer Success journey look like?

The customer success journey starts with introducing ourselves to our new customers in an onboarding communication. This provides our new users with their success representative’s contact information, specifics around the role we play during their subscription, the user’s new login and access information, the ktMINE support site link, and our general support staff contact information. 

From there, the customer success team provides training sessions to help our customers familiarize themselves with the ktMINE database while also having the opportunity to ask any and all questions they may have. After the initial onboarding process, we continuously check in with our customers to answer any new questions, offer search assistance, and provide continued education. ktMINE users are provided with the tools they need to achieve success in a timely manner. Our customers are able to leverage self-help tools provided on our support site, chat with us on our website, and email the support team. 

Our hands-on team also handles all renewals at the end of a subscription period, provides additional information on new products, features, or updates, as well as gives our customer an opportunity to provide feedback.


What types of questions can ktMINE users get answered by the Customer Success team?

The customer success team gets a wide range of requests from simple to complicated but our team is ready to address any and all types of questions. However, the most frequent questions we get relate to search assistance – how to use a specific application, clarification around filters, roster management, as well as requesting guidance on searches. Other questions our team gets revolve around platform access assistance, exporting, subscription information, and how to efficiently use the database to maximize search results. 


What are the different ways users can get in touch with the Customer Success team?

Users can get in touch with the customer success team by emailing, calling us at (312) 253-0926, and using the chat feature on the ktMNE homepage.


When can users reach out with their questions? What is the typical response time?

Response time can vary from case to case but the team strives to solve each inquiry within a business day. Longer resolution times occur when the search is more complex or the team needs to pull in members from other departments to provide the best solution. Our main goal is always accuracy, which we understand is most valuable to our clients. However, we handle each case with high priority and understand when a case is under time sensitivity. We deliver results as quickly as possible.


Will I have a specific customer success representative who knows me and my account?

Yes, each account has a specific customer success representative assigned to them. The representative is familiar with the users and their account, as well as understands their unique needs for the database. However, users are able to reach out to their representative directly, as well as contact the general email for any assistance needs.

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