Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today is an annual celebration observed both in Mexico and the United States. It is worth noting that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day, which falls in September. Instead, it is a way of celebrating and honoring Mexican culture and heritage. To mark the occasion, we are showcasing various patents that have played a significant role in the parades, music, food, and folkloric dancing associated with this commemoration.

Maraca with Flexible Handle (US7045695B1)

During Cinco de Mayo celebrations, maracas are often seen and heard as a symbol of supernatural beings and the nation’s spirit. The following patent granted to Wayne Cohen is for a maraca made with a rigid shell and enclosed pellets, attached to a flexible handle.

Maraca with Flexible Handle patent image

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Form for frying tortillas to make fried tacos (US2506305A)

Juvencio Maldonado, a Mexican immigrant who arrived in the US in 1929, was awarded the first patent for an improved frying device in 1950. Before this, he worked as an electrician but later switched to the restaurant business. Maldonado opened Xochitl in midtown Manhattan in 1938, quickly gaining popularity for its delicious tacos. The New York Public Library Menu Collection still has a copy of the Xochitl menu from 1959.

Form for frying tortillas to make fried tacos patent image

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Mariachi Suit (USD655071S1)

Mariachi music is a type of traditional folk music from Mexico that features the Guitarrón, Vihuela Mexicana, Harp, Guitar, Violin, Trumpet, and Voice. It originated in the state of Jalisco and is native to the western region of Mexico, which includes Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán, and Colima. While out celebrating the Mexican culture, you may notice that Mariachi bands typically wear a uniform called a Traje de Charro. The following patent for the suit worn by these bands was granted to Julia Graciela Davila in 2012.

Mariachi Suit patent image

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