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The best keeps getting better! ktMINE is happy to announce we’ve continued our drive to excellence by surpassing 25,000 agreements in our Benchmark App. Maintaining our position as the largest independently owned royalty rate database. Working with the largest platform comes with advantages, and we’re proud of the efforts we put into maintaining this distinction for our users. However, our excellence is not limited to data volume, we also verify accuracy by reviewing over 50 different comparability factors to ensure streamlined searching.

Advantages of partnering with ktMINE for your data needs

The Largest Database – By accessing the most analyzed and searchable agreements, users can rest assured that no data goes unnoticed. Especially in fields where compliance is required, having access to the most data insulates users from threats. Don’t get caught unprepared by relying on a smaller, incomplete platform.

Transaction & IP Types – ktMINE’s team of analysts are expertly trained to review and extract over 50 different comparability factors. Part of their analysis consists of reviewing contracts for the specific transaction type, as well as the exact form of intellectual property that is being granted. This information is critical when reviewing an agreement which is why ktMINE takes an expert-driven approach to categorizing documents appropriately. With over 35 different categories of transactions and different types of IP, you can be certain the data is accurately mapped so that your specific use case can be addressed.

Expert Tools – Utilizing our 15 years of market experience and our team of experts from various consulting fields, we developed several innovative tools to maximize the value that can be extracted. ktMINE spent years developing our project management system and Full-Text View to bring ease of use and documentation support for your projects.

Project Center – This feature was designed to allow users to execute their analysis directly in the product without a need to input the data elsewhere. Allowing the ability to streamline a project and gain more out of the database. A few value adds of the Project Center are the ability to annotate agreements, options to add project-specific royalty rates and calculations, and an export that features an accept/reject matrix populated with your choices and custom data.

Full-Text View – ktMINE’s custom-designed Full-Text View provides the necessary information to perform Functional / DEMPE analyses. The view allows users to segment a contract to see where specific clauses are discussed and easily review who holds responsibility for certain aspects of the contract. The view is also useful to understand contractual language and how to draft sections or terms that are desired.

What factors have contributed to becoming the premier data provider?

Many factors play into the ktMINE Advantage and how we got to the point of being the leading data provider. Alongside our expert leadership of ex-practitioners and the knowledge they’ve gained in the market, our drive to be the best is an X-factor. This drive led us to heavily invest in data mining efforts over the past two years to catapult us to the top. These efforts included bringing in additional analysts, investing in refinements to machine learning techniques, and continuous training efforts to keep up with current standards. 

All in all, we are proud to announce our continued growth in the market and have no plans to slow down. We’ll continue to put in the work to bring the best royalty platform available to our users. We are the biggest and the best, and we have data to back that up!

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