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As a ktMINE research analyst, Debra Smetana processes and examines intellectual property daily. Her primary focus is interpreting license agreement structures. With her extensive studies of Archaeology, Debra specializes in qualitative research and can translate data into compelling narratives. She uses ktMINE’s data and analytics platform to identify IP patterns that can a provide insight into a company’s strategy and industry trends.

Universal Flu Vaccine a High Priority for Pharma Companies

As spring firmly establishes itself across the U.S. with warmer weather and increased daylight, healthcare workers have finally seen the number of seasonal influenza cases subside. This winter’s 2017-2018 flu season was one of the worst in recent memory, with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reporting over 30,000 confirmed cases of the flu resulting

What Does Agreement Data Say? Update 2Q 2018

In October of 2017, we performed a year-on-year analysis of Intellectual Property (IP) licensing transactions. The following article replicates the analysis to include all updated information within our database of over 120,000 agreements and 65,000 royalty rates. All data has been normalized so that trends can be highlighted. Royalty Payment Agreement Bases Royalty payments are

Trade Secrets: Swipe Right to License, Swipe Left to Litigate

In March of this year, the dating app Bumble filed a lawsuit against Tinder’s parent, Match Group, for the allegedly fraudulent acquisition of trade secrets. This comes weeks after Match Group, owner of more than 45 dating apps and websites, began a suit against Bumble for patent infringement of Tinder’s “world-changing, card-swipe-based, mutual opt-in premise.”

Recent Litigation Trends Show Trademark Infringement is a Worldwide Concern

In the world of intellectual property (IP), trademarks are often seen as secondary in value to patents and know-how in a company’s intangible portfolio. However, in some industries brand recognition is paramount to success. Patent infringement often takes center stage in IP legal news, but trademarks see their fair share of litigation activity as well.

Licensing Opportunities Abound For CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology

On February 14, the French immunotherapy company Cellectis announced its intentions to license out its recently granted patents for CRISPR technology. The two patents granted to the company by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in January and February of this year relate to gene-editing methods in the treatment of cancer. CRISPR, or clustered regularly

Contraception and Fertility in the Digital Age

Last February, the digital contraceptive startup Natural Cycles received EU certification as a legitimate form of contraception. In November, the company received a $30 million investment led by European venture capitalist fund EQT Ventures for further development. The app uses an algorithm that interprets basal body temperature as an indicator of ovulation. Using a thermometer

Commercializing University Innovation Through Technology Transfer

In the world of academia, technological advancement is not made solely for the pursuit of knowledge. Many universities strive to further develop and commercialize their intellectual property through the process of technology transfer. To further this end, technology transfer offices (TTOs) at universities investigate how best to bring their IP into the public marketplace. TTOs