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Eric leads the IP Legal market at ktMINE and is responsible for ensuring that ktMINE products meet customer needs. He specializes in technical demonstrations and consultations with over 15 years of experience in business intelligence and IP licensing. Eric worked as a Senior Patent Licensing Associate at Google working on patent acquisitions, securing licensing engagements, and procuring freedom of action, and prior to that at Motorola Mobile Devices as a Senior Manager of IP Licensing working on exposure analyses, industry profiles and acquisitions.

Identifying Transaction Candidates by Analyzing Cash and Debt Data Combined with Patent Data

In part two, we talked about the importance of bankruptcies as asset transfer indicators and discussed the available options banks may have when contemplating the monetization of IP assets. In part three, we will wrap up this series with a discussion of cash and debt data when combined with patent data may serve to identify

COVID-19 Pushing Banks to Consider Foreclosing on Transactions and Seizing Assets

From part one, we observed that during the past decade, banks have amassed impressive patent portfolios. In part two, we will look at other data sets to examine options that banks may explore when transacting patents. Bankruptcy is a definitive indicator of financial performance and may forecast the transfer of IP assets.   In 2019, bankruptcies

Investigate Who’s Participating in your Market to Strengthen your Strategy

This is the final installment in our series highlighting the different areas to investigate in an effort to strengthen your company’s IP research strategy. In parts one, two, three, and four we covered the importance of analyzing emerging technologies, transacted and licensed technologies as well as emerging brands. In this post, we discuss how analyzing

Investigating Transacted Technologies to Enhance your IP Position

This is the second installment in our series highlighting the different areas to investigate in an effort to strengthen your company’s IP research strategy. In part one, we discussed the importance of having a pulse on emerging technologies. In this post, we will dive deeper into how analyzing the IP behind transacted technologies will give

Analyzing Developing Technologies to Strengthen your IP Position

Leveraging IP data can strengthen your research strategy while positioning your company to actively identify opportunities and threats. However, the question is what should one be looking at? There are a number of areas to investigate but the first one we’re going to take a look at is emerging or “developing” technologies.  With emerging technologies,

AALL 2019: The need for total transparency

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting was held from July 13th to the 16th in Washington, DC hosting legal information professionals. John Wiora, Kim Swanson, Eric Podlogar, Josh Riegle, and Jake Sweeney represented ktMINE at the event. This year’s turnout was better than years past, with around 1,500 attendees. From a market