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Infographic: Business Development for Lawyers

The value of intellectual property data has been known for some time. It is used to determine patent and trademark ownership, analyze licensing deal structures, and value IP. Unfortunately, it is rarely used in its most valuable form: as a business development tool for the legal profession. With IP Profiles, ktMINE creates customized company reports… View Article

An Interview with David R. Jarczyk

David R. Jarczyk, President & CEO of ktMINE, was recently asked to sit down for an interview with Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor at CEOCFO Magazine. The resulting interview is available to read on their website HERE. The interview revolves around ktMINE’s data, the industry in general and various uses IP has for professionals around the globe. Questions include:… View Article

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Commercialization: A Case Study

For many, commercializing IP is a time consuming task.  It is also necessary to generate revenues and keep organizations at the forefront of research and innovation. However, without access to the right information, the probability of failure exponentially increases. Historically, licensing professionals have had to spend hours looking for potential licensing partners, comparable deals and similar patents. Many… View Article

ktMINE Welcomes Luke Barbin and Dan Spaeth

CHICAGO, IL – December 17, 2014 – ktMINE, an intellectual property (IP) data and intelligence firm announces the hire of Dan Spaeth and Luke Barbin to their business development team. ktMINE utilizes its expertise in technology to mine data from the public domain, organize that data, and connect it in innovative new ways. Dan Speath… View Article

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Intangibles, Market Data and the OECD’s Action 8 Guidance

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, he challenges the perception that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s work on base erosion and profit shifting represents a move away from the arm’s-length standard and a surrender to the notion that insufficient market data exists for conducting comparability analyses. In fact, he says, the OECD’s latest draft on the transfer pricing of intangibles,… View Article

Predicting Your Competitor’s Innovation Strategy

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, this article outlines the various IP types and connections competitive intelligence professionals can utlize to predict their competitor’s innovation strategy. Historically, understanding a competitor’s innovation strategy involved significant time spent researching patent portfolios. The resulting visualizations and graphs, although impressive, offered little useable information. Even if some light was shown on… View Article

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ktMINE OECD Compliance: Legal Ownership

Taxpayers and practitioners should determine legal ownership in order to inventory the intangibles under analysis, and to provide a starting point in determining economic ownership/benefit. Intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and license agreements, can be abundant for any single entity. Action 8 under BEPS plan of the Guidance on Transfer Pricing Aspects of Intangibles, acknowledges this… View Article

ktMINE OECD Compliance: Independant License Structures

Taxpayers and practitioners should, at minimum, review market transactions to understand how independent parties structure licensing deals. If the tested transaction does not follow suit, one should also be prepared to discuss why, and the impact on arm’s length pricing. Action 8 under OECD BEPS plan, found in the most recent update of the Guidance… View Article

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ktMINE OECD Compliance: CUPs

Taxpayers and practitioners should be looking for the existence of CUPs. The CUP or CUT method remains a preferred method for any transfer pricing analysis. However, the very existence and subsequent availability of comparable documents has been considered a myth. At ktMINE, we know this is far from the truth. The OECD acknowledges their existence… View Article

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