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A look at Innovation Strategies in the Internet of Things

ktMINE provides actionable intelligence into how Companies within any Industry innovate and where these Companies are investing. Below is a look at the Internet of Things market. The Internet of Things (“IoT”) is one of the most discussed and rapidly advancing technology areas. Total revenue for the IoT industry is said to reach $4.59 trillion by… View Article
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How to Navigate BEPS

In light of the evolving Transfer Pricing landscape being caused by the BEPS project, there is uncertainty on how to validate your intercompany transactions structures. ktMINE offers a solution that makes structuring intercompany transactions easier. Imagine you need to structure an intercompany transaction between a US Based Insurance Company, called Insure Co USA, and their… View Article

Would You Have Caught This About a Target Company?

Imagine that you set up ktMINE Alerts for Uber, your target company. On August 19th, you would have been alerted that Uber received 9 mapping technology patents from Microsoft. This could signal the following questions for Uber’s strategy: 1. Does a push to improve their mapping system point to an investment into self-driving cars? 2. Is this… View Article
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Infographic: ktMINE IP Title History Reports

There is a problem with title history research for IP due diligence. It can be a time consuming and tedious task to check the chain of title, current owner, and encumbrances for every patent and trademark asset in a portfolio of interest. Besides the one-by-one nature of the research, it takes even longer to organize… View Article
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Infographic: ktMINE Licensing & Royalty Rate Searches

Do you have the time, expertise, and resources required to perform thorough landscape searches for comparable licensing, royalty rate, and asset purchase transactions?  Do you need a leg up in an upcoming negotiation, portfolio valuation, or transfer pricing audit? ktMINE has a team of experienced analysts who use proven search techniques, and the industry’s best… View Article

See You There: AUTM Annual Meeting 2015

ktMINE is proud to be an exhibitor at the 2015 AUTM Annual Meeting in New Orleans. We would be happy to provide in person demonstrations of our entire platform. Universities in particular will be interested in Commercialization Wizard, which has recently been updated to include classification searching. Stop by our booth and talk to Luke… View Article
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ktMINE Comments on discussion draft on Actions 8, 9 and 10 : revisions to Chapter I of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines of the BEPS Action Plan

In its capacity as an intellectual property data company, and as a small business with significant interests in transfer pricing matters, ktMINE humbly submits the following comments related to the revised Discussion Draft. The Discussion Draft has a recurring theme, best communicated in the introduction as “rules to prevent BEPS by engaging in transactions which would not, or… View Article

Infographic: Commercialization Wizard Classification Searching

When it comes to commercializing technology, finding the right information, and fast, can mean the difference between a successful deal and missed revenue. By connecting licensed patents to the agreements that convey them, ktMINE Commercialization Wizard instantly presents you with detailed, technology specific information. As demonstrated below, you can even find answers by simply entering… View Article