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USA Today Got It Wrong

When it comes to reporting on innovation, USA Today Got It Wrong.  In their piece, the most innovative companies are measured by counting total patents filed in a given year. Innovation is more than simply filing patents. Anyone with financial means can file for a patent.  Simply filing doesn’t equal something innovative or even something… View Article
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Tech Transfer Professionals: See you at AUTM Annual Meeting

We will be at the largest technology transfer meeting, AUTM 2016 Annual Meeting, on February 14-17 in San Diego. Find us in booth 320. Cash McNeel will be explaining how ktMINE products can be used to streamline the commercialization process: find potential partners, identify potential deal terms and value technologies. Many tech transfer professionals rely… View Article

Monitor your competition: Top 5 questions you should be asking

From the invention of the lightbulb to the invention of sliced bread, driverless cars, wearable devices, and so on, we always want to know what is going to be introduced next. Nowhere is this more prevalent than within corporations, where monitoring the competition’s innovation can be the difference between securing your market position and getting… View Article

IP Movements Impact Business, Industry, & National Security

It recently became official that the CFIUS group has blocked the sale of Philips Lumileds to a Chinese-led investment group. While there does not seem to be an official explanation, doubts emerged at the beginning of the CFIUS review last October. Back in November, we looked at how Lumileds had received a large amount of funding from the… View Article

Is Innovation Dying or Merely More Efficient?

  Fortune magazine published a highly-read piece entitled, The Death of American Research and Development. The article discusses research that suggests lower corporate spending on research and development (R&D) has led to a lower innovation rate, thereby proposing there is an innovation problem in America. It would seem that additional research is necessary to determine… View Article

Meet us at Pharma Market Research Conference

We will be exhibiting at the Pharma Market Research Conference February 3-4 2016, in Parsippany, New Jersey with the pharmaceutical industry’s top thought leaders. Meet ktMINE’s David R. Jarczyk, President & CEO, and Cash McNeel, Business Development Manager in the exhibit hall. They will be showing off our products that can enhance pharmaceutical strategic analyses… View Article
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Royalty Rates App Results Summary Update

ktMINE released the following updates on the Royalty Rate Application’s Results Summary for advanced filtering and navigating of agreement searching. 1. Improved processing and load times of Search Center filters 2. New sort functionality of results; Agreement ID Ascending Agreement ID Descending Effective Date Ascending Effective Date Descending Filing Date Ascending Filing Date Descending   3. Enhanced conditional… View Article

Track Government Sponsored R&D

Governments often sponsor research and development projects because technology innovation fuels economic growth and job creation. When Governments invest in these projects, the hope is that these R&D projects will have beneficial effects on their country’s economy and resources. These projects often create extremely valuable developments in life sciences, defense, energy, and many other industries…. View Article

EMC’s Asset Portfolio Provides Insight into Dell’s Strategy

It was big news when Dell announced it’s buying EMC, in fact it’s one of the biggest deals of all time in the tech sector. Many speculations have circulated around what intangible assets were most intriguing to Dell: Is Dell interested in EMC’s cloud-based services assets? Will they better compete against emerging vendors? Are they… View Article

Identify Disruptive Companies in Your Industry

Staying informed on your competitor’s innovation strategy has always been important in all industries, but especially in those industries where one innovative idea can disrupt the entire industry. Many times the focus is on the large companies who have been around for a while, but it is becoming more and more common for smaller unforeseen competitors… View Article