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ktMINE OECD Compliance: Independant License Structures

Taxpayers and practitioners should, at minimum, review market transactions to understand how independent parties structure licensing deals. If the tested transaction does not follow suit, one should also be prepared to discuss why, and the impact on arm’s length pricing. Action 8 under OECD BEPS plan, found in the most recent update of the Guidance… View Article

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ktMINE OECD Compliance: CUPs

Taxpayers and practitioners should be looking for the existence of CUPs. The CUP or CUT method remains a preferred method for any transfer pricing analysis. However, the very existence and subsequent availability of comparable documents has been considered a myth. At ktMINE, we know this is far from the truth. The OECD acknowledges their existence… View Article

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Drivers of IP value – the most active companies in intellectual property revisited

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, John Wiora and Danielle Lambert. Findings previously presented in issue 61 of IAM dispelled the myth that patent count is the only information needed for a strong and valuable IP portfolio. This year, an update of that research is taken further by providing examples of IP portfolio management and the gathering of competitive intelligence. Versions Published… View Article

OECD Action 8 and the Need for Market Data

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, this article discusses the September 2014 updates to the OECD Guidance on Transfer Aspects of Intangibles, specifically Action 8 under OECD BEPS plan and the need for market data beyond royalty rates.  Versions Published: October 7, 2014 TP Week, International Tax Review Read Full Article

Announcing the Launch of ktMINE Commercialization Wizard

Through our work with technology transfer, commercialization and licensing professionals, ktMINE announces the launch of our newest App, Commercialization Wizard. Developed to bridge the gap between technology and commercialization, ktMINE Commercialization Wizard increases the probability of successfully commercializing any technology by answering three important questions: Who are the market participants currently involved with licensing in or out of… View Article

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Technology Interview

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative IP research solutions to IP professionals such as yourself. Consequently, we are constantly seeking ways to use the newest technology to make your life easier. If you have ever wondered how technology intersects with IP big data, or ktMINE uses technology to connect this data, take a look at… View Article

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Industry Trends – Transportation Equipment and Parts

ktMINE analysts often utilize our databases to compile industry trends. The following post covers trends for the Transportation Equipment and Parts industry, and utilizes licensing and patenting information. Specific attention was paid to the types of IP licensed, royalty/payment structures, exclusivity, territory, and sublicensing. Figure 1. IP Licensed  Manufacturing intangibles involve the right to use any combination… View Article

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Finding Licensed Patents

In addition to aggregating the world’s intellectual property, we are dedicated to connecting the data and finding hidden revelations. By utilizing publicly available information and interconnected data sets, IP professionals can discover once hidden pieces of information. In the past, it may have been nearly impossible to see how automobile glass, commercial buildings and mobile… View Article