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ktMINE Mentioned in Law360 Article

ktMINE’s database was mentioned in Law360’s article, Do’s And Don’ts For Licenses. “Studying a prospective licensee’s IP portfolio and what kind of licenses it has executed can help patent owners get a sense of who they will be dealing with. Entities like ktMINE have techniques for targeting U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings that mention license agreements… View Article
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Join Us at SCIP Annual International Conference

Join us along with many competitive intelligence professionals at SCIP Annual International Conference. Our President & CEO will be speaking in a session on monitoring disruptive innovation and uncovering competitors’ strategies. John Wiora, Director of Operations, and Tessa Culbertson, Business Development Consultant, will be representing ktMINE at booth #4 in the exhibit hall. Our tools… View Article
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A look at Amazon’s Innovations in Video

Amazon recently announced a new subscription model for Amazon Prime Video, allowing non-Prime members to subscribe for $8.99 a month. With this new model, they are able to better compete with other video streaming distribution services such as Netflix and Hulu that have low monthly subscriptions and original content. If you have been monitoring Amazon’s… View Article
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ktMINE Listed as a Data Provider for APMA Program

The IRS recently released an Announcement and Report, which is the seventeenth report published and describes the experience, structure, and activities of the APMA Program during the 2015 calendar year. The Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement (APMA) Program’s mission is to resolve actual or potential transfer pricing disputes in a timely, principled, and cooperative manner. The… View Article
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Join us at FLC’s 2016 National Meeting

We will be exhibiting at the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) 2016 National Meeting, taking place from April 26- 28 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. John F. Kennedy, Director of Business Development, and Cash McNeel, Business Development Manager, will be representing us in the exhibit hall. ktMINE’s tools can be used to streamline the… View Article
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BEPS- Solve Structuring Questions

The transfer pricing world has been taken by storm from the OECD’s implementation of its BEPS initiative. Leaving most practitioners concerned with the uncertainty of this new landscape. Their chief concern stems from what this means for their firms as well as how they will be able to mitigate the risks associated with the implementation… View Article
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ktMINE in IAM: Top 50 Assignees of US Patents

ktMINE contributes to each issue of IAM magazine with statistics which identify the top assignors and assignees of patents as recorded at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Read the full articles by Jack Ellis of IAM: Semiconductor sector upheaval reflected in last year’s US patent assignment stats By a huge margin, Freescale Semiconductor was… View Article
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ktMINE on the Fly: GoPro’s Stock Collapse

The Motley Fool covered GoPro’s stock collapse and their continued drop in stock. In its article, it cited three lessons that investors can learn from that dramatic collapse. Two of the lessons were related to innovation and technology. First, a brand can only get you so far. Brand awareness doesn’t equal brand loyalty. Second, if a product… View Article
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ktMINE on the Fly: Arista Networks’ Innovations Vs. Cisco

The Motley Fool recently covered Arista Networks’ record year and their developments. ktMINE’s CEO David Jarczyk took a look where Arista Networks is innovating. In ktMINE Search, David quickly found that Cisco Sytems is a primary competitor of Arista Networks. They had a recent patent dispute which was ruled in Cisco’s favor. We covered Cisco’s… View Article
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Search App Launches to Empower Innovation and Promote Transparency

We announced the launch of ktMINE Search to empower innovation and promote transparency. Innovation is critical to the future, yet information on innovation is not easily found. By providing visibility to innovation, innovation itself might improve. Our mission from inception has been to create a tool for business decision makers to gain complete information on… View Article
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