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As a ktMINE research analyst, Julia Justusson processes and examines intellectual property daily. Interested in tracking innovation across various fields through IP, she uses ktMINE to identify IP patterns that can provide insight into a company’s strategy and industry trends.

McDonald’s and McDonagh: What the Mac?

Supermac’s is Ireland’s largest fast-food restaurant group, serving an average of 320,000 customers per week. Pat McDonagh, the founder and CEO of Supermac’s, has been trying to expand his company into the rest of Europe since 2014. However, McDonald’s, the ubiquitous fast-food chain, has been in conflict with Supermac’s over trademark and branding issues for

The Automotive Revolution

What do patent filings reveal about the race to fully autonomous vehicles? We have explored various potential technological innovations in the auto industry in a previous post, but here we will look more specifically at patent filings related to self-driving cars. These patents can help provide a better understanding of the diverse challenges facing autonomous-vehicle

3D Printing: Copying and Creation in a Cutting-Edge Industry

3D printing turns a digital model into a three-dimensional object by adding material layer-by-layer. 3D printing has been used to create houses inspired by everything from the structure of bone to silkworm fibers, functional musical instruments, and even biosynthetic organs. For an introduction to this technology in greater detail, 3D Printing Industry (3DPI) shares its

Corporate Cannabis: One-Hitter or Here to Stay?

This is the second installment in our Cannabis series. In Part I, we discussed the marijuana IP landscape in general and explored trademarks in the industry. In this post, we investigate the potential movement of Big Pharma and multinational agricultural corporations into the cannabis space.    Patents as Indicators of Corporate Priorities Patent data can

Cannabis: IP Issues in a Budding U.S. Industry

Recommended reading: From ‘sativa’ to ‘CBD,’ common cannabis terms you need to know, via CTV News, Canada Canada is already facing many challenges after their recent legalization of cannabis last week, including a significant shortage of product and uncertainties about border policies with the United States. Uruguay, which in 2013 became the first country to

Examining the Future of Genetics Research

Why DNA Ancestry Testing Matters for You, Your Dog, and All Life on Earth Advances in DNA testing technology are driving discovery, innovation, and growth for businesses as well as academic and government institutions in genomics and related fields. Currently, researchers are planning the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), with the objective of creating an “open

Exploring Intellectual Property at Apple: A Study of Strategy and Patterns

Whether companies use patent portfolios to encourage innovation or to stifle competition, protecting intellectual property (IP) is an important part of corporate strategy. As ktMINE has previously noted, companies rely on patent and trademark infringement litigation to prevent competitors from copying valuable designs and inventions. Apple, in one notable example, has been arguing in court