IP Strategy & Valuation

Maximizing Analysis Power & Minimizing Risk with Connected IP Data and Analytics

Law firms, corporations, consultants, and universities need intelligence to protect and support IP strategy & valuation business decisions.

ktMINE enables professionals to:

  • Understand shifting IP markets
  • Support the value of IP
  • Evaluate company IP profiles

Without ktMINE, professionals risk:

  • Being unprepared for changes to IP markets
  • Compromising outcomes of licensing, acquisitions, and litigation
  • Developing an incomplete and inaccurate representation of a company’s IP strategy

ktMINE Data

ktMINE is the most comprehensive repository of intellectual property (IP) data, including:

Geographic Coverage

Company Coverage

Industry Coverage


Millions of Public and Private Companies


All Industries

Understand Shifting IP Markets

Issue: IP markets are constantly shifting, making it difficult to monitor the impact these changes have on an IP strategy.

Solution: ktMINE provides robust analytics and connected IP data to quickly predict and better understand these shifting IP markets.

Support the Value of IP

Issue: Common IP valuation approaches rely on past experience, rules of thumb, or antiquated methodologies that are not defensible.

Solution: ktMINE enables an accurate and defensible IP valuation through the most comprehensive licensing and royalty rate data available.

Evaluate Company IP Profiles

Issue: IP portfolio analyses tend to only focus on patents, ignoring other IP activities that impact a company’s IP strategy.

Solution: ktMINE gives instant access to a company’s comprehensive IP portfolio, including IP filing, transaction, licensing and litigation activity.  

Professional analyzing IP data

Use Cases

Utilize ktMINE for IP strategy, valuation and risk activities, such as:

  • Determining licensing deal structure trends for IP commercialization
  • Preparing litigation and audit support
  • Identifying royalty rates for the valuation of intellectual property
  • Developing IP transaction landscapes: identifying potential licensees, buyers or sellers of technology
  • Supporting and refining patent licensing strategies
  • Monitoring companies’ and competitors’ intellectual property trends
  • Locating IP holding companies and subsidiaries
What Our Customers Say

“ktMINE offers significant time savings and unparalleled IP analytics by finding and connecting many types of IP data, such as license agreements, royalty rates, patents and syndicated news.”

– Partner, IP Transactions, Ropes & Gray LLC        
Market Environment

In today’s competitive landscape, intellectual property intelligence is critical for transaction strategies and valuation. Emerging and intersecting technology landscapes are becoming increasingly complex. New regulations, legislation, and case law are contributing to a dynamic environment. Gone are the days where relying on a single facet of intelligence is enough.

Additionally, there is mounting pressure to be an IP intelligence expert while providing cost-efficient support. Currently, IP data research uses many sources and tools. This drives up costs, decreases efficiency, and adds hundreds of hours to the time required to complete the research. Further, without linked data, it is almost impossible to make the connections necessary to gain crucial insights.

Common Questions

What is the source of that information?

Through a proprietary process, ktMINE gathers intellectual property data from publicly available sources, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR), Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), other regulatory bodies and hundreds of news sources.

Do you have international data?

A recent poll of our database showed over 75% of the data is exploited outside the U.S.

How often is the data updated?

Most of ktMINE’s data is updated daily with the latest and most up-to-date information from each individual data source.

Can the data be exported? If so, how?

Results can be exported throughout the ktMINE platform to Excel with a simple click of a button. The number of exports available is dependent on the terms of your contract.

What are my access options?

Access is annual subscription based. Customized application packages are available for full firms to individuals. Contact us for pricing and package options.

Do you provide search assistance?

Yes! Once you have subscribed you will be paired with a ktMINE customer success specialist. This will be your point person for any issues and help you may need. The ktMINE customer support line is also available at support@ktmine.com or (312) 253-0926. We are more than happy to help you create a solid search strategy.

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