Mergers & Acquisitions Deals & Rumors

/ˈmərjər/ /ˌakwəˈziSHən/ noun

A term used in reference to the consolidation of companies. While a merger is the combining of two companies to form a new one, an acquisition involves the purchase of one company by another where no new company is formed.

Over 1 Million M&A Deals & Rumors

It’s been estimated that intellectual property represents 80% of corporate value.  No wonder the IP holdings of a company are often the driving force behind these high stakes transactions.

Through our databases, with the aid of high powered search functionality, locate thorough IP profiles with detailed mergers and acquisitions rumor data. Formatted to present the most relevant information up front, get your hands on comprehensive deal data quickly and efficiently.

In addition, our ability to link competitive intelligence data sets allows you to see every piece of IP that may be part of each deal.

M&A data is powered by BvD’s Zephyr M&A database. Zephyr

Common Uses

With access to ktMINE databases, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ways you can utilize our M&A Deals & Rumors data.

  • Identifying a company’s mergers and acquisitions activities and strategies
  • Understanding how companies are valuing their acquisition targets
  • Learning how acquisition fits into the company strategy
  • Revealing the inventory of intellectual property being acquired
  • Conducting competitive intelligence research

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