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2016 in Review Part 2: ktMINE Happenings

By December 30, 2016June 23rd, 2023No Comments

The ktMINE team was busy this past year, with numerous updates, launches, awards, and more. Read on for a recap of some of the highlights.

New and Improved User Interface (UI)

Committed to ensuring a pleasant and productive user experience, ktMINE made several updates to the ktMINE UI including updates to:

  • The look and feel, with a new font and set styles
  • The Search application makes connected data easier to navigate and insights easier to obtain through analytics
  • Global patent data, by consolidating into a single dataset
  • The agreement view so that key information is highlighted and tagged
  • Profile Builder for more comprehensive or refined company portfolios
  • The Commercialization App layout to create a greater distinction between the search workspace and analytics results

Speedier License Agreement App

In addition to increased speed and a user-friendly interface, the updated License Agreement Application features refined narrowing filters and new analytics.

Narrowing filters remove the noise of full-text searching by breaking down different parts of the agreements. Filters include variable royalties, fixed payments, disclosed patents and more.

Related Parties Filters

Based on user feedback, a Related Parties filter was added to the Royalty Rates Application. This allows users to filter searches to see only transactions between related parties or between independent parties.

Search and Patents Applications Launched

The ktMINE Search Application was launched to empower innovation and promote transparency. The app provides users instant visibility to a company’s current and future technology and brands, the ability to uncover strategic relationships, stay alert to potentially disruptive technologies and more.

The new Patents Application connects global agreement data to global patent data to offer users more insights into patent licensing trends and values. Currently, over 100,000 global patents have been connected to agreement data to make finding information easier than ever.

The Path to (Customer) Success

The success of our customers is very important to us. As such, we unveiled our Complete Guide to the ktMINE Customer Success Route. From training to project assistance, ktMINE specialists are here to help! More to come in 2017.

Innovating with the Best

Out of a record-breaking 643 nominees, ktMINE was selected as a Top 100 finalist for Chicago Innovation Awards. Many thanks to everyone that took the time to vote for us!

Making a List and Checking it Twice

As part of any M&A transaction, it is vital to understand the intellectual property assets that a target company owns in order to mitigate risk and assess the value IP brings to the deal. This is why we developed the M&A IP Checklist to help monitor and verify the IP holdings of a target company. Check it out today!

Sharing Knowledge Across the Globe

The ktMINE team can be found at events and in publications all over the world. Here are a few where our very own David R. Jarczyk was spotted or our expert team was quoted:

Industry Events

  • ktMINE supported The 2016 OECD International Tax Conference
  • ktMINE participated as a first-time exhibitor at AALL Annual Meeting 2016, and will participate again in 2017
  • ktMINE continued our participation at the AUTM Annual Meeting and will be attending the upcoming AUTM Central in Chicago


CEO, David R. Jarczyk, was among the World’s Leading IP Strategists named to the IAM Strategy 300 for the fifth consecutive year. Congrats David!

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