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Out of a record-breaking 643 nominees, ktMINE has been selected as a Top 100 finalist for Chicago Innovation Awards. The 15th annual Chicago Innovation Awards celebrates the most innovative new products and services in the Chicago region across all organization sizes, sectors and industries. The Awards Ceremony will take place on October 25th at the Harris Theater where the winners will be announced. ktMINE’s Innovation Alerts product is up for nomination. Read more about Innovation Alerts below.

Vote for ktMINE for the People’s Choice Winner:
(Voting open until October 6, 2016)

Chicago Innovation Awards Finalist ktMINE


About ktMINE Innovation Alerts

From the invention of the lightbulb to the invention of sliced bread, driverless cars, wearable devices, and so on, we always want to know what is going to be introduced next. While the news has been the main source for innovation insights, ktMINE has created a product that can provide indicators of innovation before they are officially announced through the news. These key indicators can be found through intellectual property (IP) information. Although looking at IP information for innovation insights is not a new concept, ktMINE is revolutionizing how to find and look at IP.

ktMINE’s in-house technology team has developed high-tech normalization processing algorithms to automatically organize related data and continuously mine IP documents from the public domain, even from deep within atypical filing types. This allows ktMINE to connect and add IP documents to the database every day to offer the freshest, most comprehensive source for market intelligence. Innovation Alerts are sent daily, weekly, or monthly updates of IP developments around a technology sector, industry, or company.

Innovation Alerts can be utilized by range of users such as competitive intelligence specialists, product managers, R&D teams, licensing specialists, business development managers, journalists, entrepreneurs, innovation labs, government agencies, and universities for the following uses:

  • Keep up with the changing market environment
  • Predict the innovation of their competition
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Protect their company’s most valuable assets by monitoring the IP landscape and identifying infringing IP
  • Detect disruptive technologies or companies
  • Maintain expertise in a sector or industry
  • Identify potential investments and market trends
  • Build trusted relationships with current clients by staying up-to-date with their IP activities
  • Start a conversation with knowledge of potential clients’ recent developments
  • Find potential deal partners through recent activity
  • Identify commercialization opportunities
  • Track IP activity of their investment portfolio
  • Secure their market position by identifying trends for further investigation
  • Monitor IP activity across borders for national security

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