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Study of Intellectual Property on Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

By September 19, 2016August 3rd, 2023No Comments

A look at Ford, Google, and Tesla

There are several technologies new to the automotive industry that will be essential in developing a fully-automated vehicle. Vehicle connectivity, for example, surrounding mobile devices, in-car devices, and other wireless communication systems will be central to the design and efficacy of tomorrow’s vehicles. This extends to the safety of autonomous vehicles which will require advanced sensory technologies, detailed navigation software, and complex machine learning capabilities. Any company looking to enter this market will need patented technologies developed inhouse, or accessible by other means such as licensing, cross-licenses, or at the very least, patent protection from a third party provider. Patents pertaining specifically to autonomous vehicles are relatively new to the market and will encompass several different technology types. Also, meeting government mandates and consumer demand for battery-powered electric vehicles will be important to car manufacturers.

ktMINE analyzed the patent portfolios of three innovative companies in this space to determine which possessed the necessary technology in order to meet the demands of this industry. ktMINE surveyed Ford, a traditional automotive industry leader, Google, a new entrant, and Tesla, a successful EV manufacturer.

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