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Search App Launches to Empower Innovation and Promote Transparency

By February 29, 2016June 23rd, 2023No Comments

We announced the launch of ktMINE Search to empower innovation and promote transparency. Innovation is critical to the future, yet information on innovation is not easily found. By providing visibility to innovation, innovation itself might improve. Our mission from inception has been to create a tool for business decision makers to gain complete information on intangible assets and innovation efforts in order to make better decisions. ktMINE Search is the starting point for innovation research.

“Improved visibility to innovation and the subsequent assets innovation generates is critical to many of our users,” said David. R. Jarczyk, president and chief executive officer, ktMINE. “What’s one of biggest threats to national security? Technology getting in the hands of the enemy. Why do most M&A deals fail? Because of failed due diligence with respect to intangible assets. What’s the most valuable asset of companies? Intangible assets developed through innovation. Our users asked us to improve access to this information to solve these problems. We believe Search is the solution.”

ktMINE Search provides users key solutions:

  •     Instant visibility to a company’s current technologies and brands to validate their innovation strategy.
  •     Visibility to company innovation in technologies and brands for insight into their future capabilities.
  •     Ability to uncover strategic relationships and connections.
  •     Stay alert to potentially disruptive technologies and brands.
  •     For expert users, ability to search for specific intangible assets including royalty rates, patents/ assignments, trademarks, M&A deals, and IP news.

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