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ktMINE on the Fly: Arista Networks’ Innovations Vs. Cisco

By March 1, 2016June 29th, 2023No Comments

The Motley Fool recently covered Arista Networks’ record year and their developments. ktMINE’s CEO David Jarczyk took a look where Arista Networks is innovating.

In ktMINE Search, David quickly found that Cisco Sytems is a primary competitor of Arista Networks. They had a recent patent dispute which was ruled in Cisco’s favor. We covered Cisco’s innovations in a previous blog. Comparing the two companies, David found Arista has very low counts in patent technologies and trademarks in their current portfolio. They only had 4 assets in Multiplex Communications, 2 Error Detection, and additional assets around Transmission of Digital Information.

Next, David looked at assets Arista is looking to acquire. They are looking to invest in 7 patents in Electrical Computers and 7 in Multiplex Communications. The count is still relatively low when compared to Cisco. A simple count of patents, trademarks, and license agreements doesn’t indicate who is innovating better than the other one. It is certainly something to look into when determining who is investing in innovation and who is not, relative to each other.

The ktMINE on the Fly Series presents quick snapshots of companies’ portfolios and investments. Further analysis is needed.

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