ktMINE on the Fly: Cisco’s Investments in Innovation

Recently, Motley Fool covered Cisco’s second quarter earnings call. ktMINE’s CEO David Jarczyk took a look at Cisco’s investments in innovation to see where they are actually innovating vs. where they say they are. Per Cisco’s CEO on the earnings call, their focus is on software defined networking. David took a look at what they’ve done over the past two years to see if it tells the same story.

In ktMINE Search, David found the following to be Cisco’s top 3 areas in investments in innovation:

1. Multiplex Communications 15%

They developed 520 different assets in multiplex communications including telecommunication networking, resolution of virtual networking vlan mapping conflicts, dynamic source route  computation for self- interference avoidance, synchronization of streaming data, wireless networking, ect.

2. Electrical Commuters and Digital Processing Systems 12%

Assets include routing, network address rules, detecting active regions in collaborating computers, and more related to data transferring.

3. Television 5%

This is investments in the area of camera, video & smart systems for telepresence and telecommunication.

The ktMINE on the Fly Series presents quick snapshots of companies’ portfolios and investments. Further analysis is needed. For more information please contact ktMINE and we will take you through the information presented. 

About the author: ktMINE
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