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Crain’s Chicago Business had an article on Boeing and its new defense boss. Boeing is known for its aerospace business building airplanes for the large carriers. Secondarily, Boeing is known for its defense business making aircraft, military vehicles, missals, etc.  ktMINE’s CEO, David Jarczyk, explored if Boeing is a technology giant and innovator or if they are only focused on those two industries.

David used ktMINE Search to quickly find the following from Boeing’s innovation profile:

  • The largest percentage of their portfolio is creating brands around Computers and Scientific Devices, Science and Technology Services, and Advertising and Business Services
  • Largest areas of their patent developments are around Telecommunications and Information Storage
  • Additional brands in Clothing, Education and Entertainment, and Paper Goods

With a quick look at these top areas in their portfolio, David concludes that Boeing is creating innovative technologies in a number of different industries outside defense and aerospace. This could have been a reason why their stock price rose. They may start licensing these technologies to non-defense businesses.

The ktMINE on the Fly Series presents quick snapshots of companies’ portfolios and investments. Further analysis is needed.

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