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On one hand, holiday-themed patents can have practicality like keeping your tree safe from toppling over or saving you money on energy usage. But there are also some holiday-related patents that are sheerly for fun. If you’re curious about some of the gadgets and decorations involving iconic residences of the North Pole to make your home more festive, read on.


Santa Decor

The most iconic holiday character is without a doubt, Santa Claus. Thus, it isn’t surprising that there are plenty of Santa themed patents to choose from. Many are variations of toys/structures; such as Santa with “luminous eyes” (CN203075651U) or talking Santa with a chin that “can open and close with sound” (CN203864304U). However, patent CN201912768U takes the cake as the ultimate Santa, having both of the features previously mentioned, and the ability to move.

Rotatable santa claus toy

Patent CN201912768U, “Rotatable santa claus toy equipped with led lamp and sound equipment”

Notably, a majority of the Santa Claus related patents are from China. This is an interesting phenomenon given the origin of Christmas is associated with a religion not common in China. 

Countries of patents with ‘santa claus’ in the Abstract Text

Document Countries of patents with ‘santa claus’ in the Abstract Text, with the color green representing the lowest count.

Maybe Santa Claus is real…

The next few patents are ideal for those interested in upholding your children’s belief in Santa or just getting a laugh out of your guests. Patent US2015202543A1 is a device that magnetically attaches to the inside of a fireplace and plays audio of Santa while also emitting a red light. This allows you to portray the voice of Santa and the light of Rudolph’s red nose through your chimney; all done without having to climb onto your icy roof. 

How do you top hearing Santa through your chimney? By talking to him! This can be accomplished through Patent US10123188B2. This patent describes a “telephone system comprising: a smartphone; a holiday telephone in wireless communication with the smartphone; a holiday telephone app installed on the smartphone.” Within the app on your smartphone, you write or record a message, choose the character you want (Santa Claus, an elf, or Rudolph the reindeer) and send the message to the “holiday” telephone sitting in your house, either at that moment or scheduled at a later time. The telephone will then ring at the scheduled time and upon being answered, the audio of the text is recited in the voice of the character chosen.

Holiday telephone apparatus, system and method

Drawing of an embodiment of Patent US10123188B2, “Holiday telephone apparatus, system and method”

If you want to take fooling some kids or guests even further, there is US2011234850A1 titled “Santacam.” The Santacam offers a selection of images/filters of Santa Claus in different positions to superimpose into photos taken around your home. You can then offer this as evidence of Santa’s visit. 


Patent US2011234850A1, “Santacam”

Make Your Holidays Happier with Patents

While many patents are strictly practical, there are plenty that can also be enjoyable. These patents demonstrate how technology can be used to implement fun; in this case, fun with Santa and his neighbors at the North Pole. Whether it’s for the imagination of kids or the entertainment of your friends and family, hopefully, the innovation behind these patents inspire some creativity in how you celebrate the holidays.

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